California Land Surveyors Association Launches Recruitment Campaign

Choose Your Path…Make Your Mark
Your Career as a Land Surveyor

The California Land Surveyors Association (CLSA) has developed a campaign to promote careers in the surveying profession. The first step in this campaign was taken by developing a 7 minute DVD intended to generate interest in a career as a Land Surveyor. The DVD, titled “Choose Your Path… Make Your Mark”, describes the land surveying profession in an upbeat and exciting manner designed to appeal to high school students.
To work with the DVD, CLSA developed print material including posters, brochures, book covers, and PowerPoint presentations. Additionally, CLSA has launched a new website, . The site provides resources to students, educators and career counselors. The site contains information about land surveying and what a land surveyor does as well as career choices and employment opportunities. In addition, there are general interest articles, a Surveyors in the News and lesson plans for teachers.

The key to successfully implementing this program begins by grassroots effort encouraging participation at a local level. To kick-off this campaign, CLSA provided a kit to California high schools. This kit included the DVD, posters, brochures, information on the NSPS Trig-Star program and colleges and universities that offer land surveying courses. CLSA Chapters throughout California are actively visiting high schools and promoting the land surveying profession in the classroom and at career fairs.

In an effort to promote awareness of the surveying profession beyond California, CLSA offers assistance to other state societies in developing their own recruitment campaign. Recognizing that many state land surveyor associations do not have the resources to develop a recruitment campaign, CLSA provides an opportunity to order a customized version of the CLSA recruitment material (including print material and DVD) tailored with their logo and contact information.

For additional information on CLSA’s recruitment efforts, or to order a customized video, contact CLSA at (707) 578-6016 or