MapMart Introduces MapMart On-Demand Geospatial Imagery Service Solution

Denver, Colorado, USA, 20 September 2007 — The MapMart® division of IntraSearch™, Inc. today introduced MapMart On-Demand™, an enterprise solution to facilitate the storage, retrieval, and automatic ordering of geospatial raster data.  As an ESRI Business Partner, MapMart has been selected to be the provider of bundled solutions using ESRI’s ArcGIS Image Server.  MapMart On-Demand provides a single online interface where users across the enterprise have instant access to their organization’s own geospatial raster data as well as the entire library of worldwide MapMart data.

“We created MapMart On-Demand to allow organizations to get the most value from their new and existing geospatial raster data,” said MapMart President, Mike Platt. “MapMart On-Demand will become the cornerstone of enterprise GIS strategies for many organizations.”

Powered by the new ArcGIS Image Server from ESRI, Inc., MapMart On-Demand is ideal for organizations that don’t want to dedicate expensive internal IT resources to manage geospatial imagery. MapMart On-Demand hosts, organizes, and maintains the organization’s data on an internet-accessible, fully protected server. ArcGIS Image Server provides standards-based search and retrieval functions so that end users can find and download the data they need from within their GIS and CAD applications via the Web.

“This eliminates the creation of information silos within large organizations and reduces the likelihood of redundant data purchases,” said Platt.

MapMart On-Demand also makes acquisition of new datasets fast and easy. The On-Demand solution is built on top of the popular MapMart online map portal. IntraSearch developed the MapMart online store in 1997 to provide customers with a single, easy-to-use map-based interface where they can buy imagery, maps, DEMs, and vector data from a variety of sources worldwide, including the IntraSearch archive of aerial photography dating back to the 1930’s.

Flexible leasing and purchasing terms give MapMart On-Demand customers the option of using as much or as little geospatial data in the MapMart libraries as they want for an annual fee. Leasing fees depend on the number and type of geospatial datasets the customer chooses to access. MapMart On-Demand customers also have the option of purchasing individual datasets covering their areas of interest.

Terabytes of digital mapping data from these MapMart libraries are available through MapMart On-Demand, including:
• NAIP color U.S. imagery
• U.S. DOQQs and world topographical maps
• Landsat 7 satellite imagery
• Digital elevation models
• QuickBird satellite imagery

MapMart On-Demand Ordering System™ offers users a robust online system designed to boost the efficiency of purchases and reduce redundant acquisitions. From the map interface, the user can search for available datasets covering the area of interest and have the imagery loaded into their Image Server. If the desired area of interest is not covered by current aerial photography, MapMart On-Demand allows the user to place a custom order for new imagery right online. The system enables anyone in the organization to track the collection and fulfillment process online.

“The value of MapMart On-Demand is that users can search their own internal archives for just the right dataset. If they don’t find it there, they can see if the map data is offered by a commercial source through MapMart. And if they still can’t find it, they can place an order for a custom acquisition – all from a single online interface on their desktop,” said Platt.

MapMart understands that for security reasons some organizations may want, or be required, to maintain their geospatial imagery archives behind their own firewall. For these customers, MapMart has developed MapMart On-Site™, a plug-and-play solution that runs on the customer’s server. MapMart On-Site offers the same ESRI Image Server data search and retrieval functions and MapMart library access options as the MapMart On-Demand solution.

About MapMart
Headquartered in Greenwood Village (Denver), Colo., MapMart is a division of IntraSearch, Inc., a full-service mapping and imagery solutions provider. The MapMart mapping store provides customers with access to terabytes of data including satellite and aerial photography, topographic and street maps, digital elevation models, and census plus demographic databases. These comprehensive spatial databases are updated continuously to insure our clients the latest available information. In areas where data is non-existent, out-of-date, or not to client specifications, MapMart’s experienced in-house professional services division can create photogrammetric quality ortho-imagery and mapping products. MapMart offers GIS software solutions, as well as custom website development for online internet mapping. MapMart is an ESRI Authorized Provider of ArcGIS Image Server Bundled Solutions.  Visit

About IntraSearch, Inc.
Established in 1951, IntraSearch is a professional services firm providing custom aerial photography, photogrammetric services, orthorectification, digital conversions, scanning, plotting, computer assisted design (CAD), and geographic information systems (GIS) solutions for both public and private sector clients and online mapping products and services via this MapMart website. IntraSearch has provided professional mapping services for over fifty years and continues to be on the cutting-edge with new mapping and related technologies. IntraSearch clients come from many industries including oil & gas, mining, urban planning, surveying & mapping, real estate, and sports mapping.

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