Optech Announces New Profile Scanning Feature for the ILRIS-36D Scanner

Toronto, Canada – Optech Incorporated, a provider of advanced lidar survey instruments, announced today a new Profile Scanning feature to be implemented with its ILRIS-36D scanner.

The new Profile Scanning feature is designed to significantly reduce ILRIS-36D scanning and post processing time by eliminating the need for alignment overlaps. New software now synchronizes the rotational speed of the pan and tilt base with vertical scanning action to capture a complete or selected portion of a continuous 360o scene. With this new feature, the rotational speed of the base is automatically monitored, and is determined by the spot spacing or step size selection. The unit can also be run in manual mode to enable the operator to specify the rotational speed. Software alignment is still available when scenes are scanned from multiple scanner set-up positions.

Profile Scanning is especially effective for building interiors and extremely large infrastructure projects, but will also significantly reduce scanning and post processing time for most applications.

“With Optech’s sustained commitment to product improvement, Profile Scanning will improve overall workflow efficiency and post processing throughput without any additional cost to the user,” said Brent Gelhar, Vice President Sales and Product Strategy.

This feature will be available with all new deliveries of the ILRIS-36D scanner system.

About Optech
Optech is the world leader in the development, manufacture and support of advanced laser-based survey instruments. We offer client-driven lidar solutions in airborne terrestrial mapping, airborne laser bathymetry, laser imaging, mine cavity monitoring, industrial process control and space-qualified sensors for orbital operations and planetary exploration.