SECO Introduces New Video Tours of its California Plant

Here’s an interesting look at what it takes to create your favorite SECO product

Redding, CA — SECO Manufacturing Company has a plan to bring its web site users in for a closer look at the manufacturing process. 

“Many visitors who come here to take the tour are surprised at the number of products that we manufacture here at the Redding plant,” said Mike Dahl, SECO’s Vice President.  “While we do import a small percentage of products now and have a sewing facility in Tecate, Mexico, the vast majority of SECO products are still made right here, in California,” he added.

“Video is one more innovation, one more piece of our commitment to customer service. Video gives SECO the opportunity to serve our customers like no one else. This is just the beginning,” said Tom Ramont, graphic artist in charge of videography.

The videos can be viewed any time by visiting the media center at  Other videos featuring product details and special “how-to” projects are next for Ramont and the marketing team.

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