SECO Introduces new Sliding Mini Prism with Sectional Pole Kits

New kits are portable, fast to set up and very accurate

Redding, CA — SECO Manufacturing Company, Incorporated recently introduced new portable sliding mini prism and pole kits.  The kits consist of a unique sliding 0-offset mini prism with a target design which can eliminate pointing errors that are normally associated with 0-offset prism configurations. The kit also includes four 1-foot screw-together pin pole pieces—each pole section includes a 0.5-foot mark around the outside diameter of the poles which allow the height pin to find known heights. Other components include a replaceable point and an adapter for standard 5/8 x 11-threaded pole tips or tribrachs (both sold separately). The kit organizes nicely within the system bag for storage or easy transport.

The prism assembly features a 25-mm, 0-offset, silver-coated prism.  The high-quality anodized aluminum housing holds an adjustable 40-minute vial on top and features dual-purpose white site cones on its sides.  These vertical angle site cones double as locks; one locking the prism tilt angle and the other locking the vertical height of the prism on the pole—a pointer in the cone axis allows accurate height measurement.

These new kits come in standard survey or metric versions and will soon be at SECO dealers worldwide. 

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