Carlson Software Presents Takeoff 2—'The Estimator'

Maysville, Ky.—  It’s “Judgment Day” for your estimating and data prep software now that “The Estimator” is here – Takeoff 2.0 (T2) by Carlson Software Inc. This first-ever AutoCAD®-based site-estimating solution has been enhanced with more than 30 improvements, including the addition of Carlson Civil’s versatile RoadNet.

Built on the AutoCAD 2007 engine and Vista compatible, Carlson Takeoff 2.0 is the ultimate answer for fast and accurate project estimating. It’s easy to use and saves countless hours by offering 3D simulation, streamlined digitizing, automated elevating, precision calculating of volumes and material quantities, plus cut/fill color mapping.

“Construction companies will discover that Carlson Takeoff 2.0 is the fastest and most accurate site estimating software available,” says Bruce Carlson, president and founder of Carlson Software. “Use it for accurate bids, then utilize its models for both stakeout and machine control once you get the bid.”

Extensive functionality allows Carlson Takeoff 2.0 users to estimate and report cut/fill, subgrade materials, topsoil, trenching, roads and strata and quickly take plans from 2D to 3D. And now with Carlson’s exclusive RoadNet, T2 also gives land developments the ability to lay out a collection of intersecting roads, process them all together, and clean up all intersections and cul-de-sacs in 2D and 3D with a single click.

For Data Prep, T2 gives users survey capabilities for layout, evaluation options to get the best design for the least cost and the ability to create a 3D model for machine control.

“Takeoff 2.0 is the result of listening to our customers in order to deliver the improved software solutions that meet their needs,” adds Carlson.

Call 800-989-5028 or click here to learn about the limited-time promotions for Carlson Takeoff 2.0 and more details about “The Estimator’s” many improvements.

About Carlson Software
Founded in 1983, Carlson Software specializes in office design, field data collection, and machine control products for the civil engineering, surveying, construction and mining industries worldwide, providing one-source technology solutions from data collection to design to construction. Carlson Software,, is headquartered in Maysville, Ky., with offices in Boston, Atlanta, and Queensland, Australia.