SOKKIA Announces the GIR1450 L1 DGPS System

{mosaddphp:mega-house.php}August 14, 2007 – Atsugi, Japan – SOKKIA proudly announces the GIR1450 L1 DGPS System — the latest addition to its extensive line of precision products for the surveying, mapping, industrial measurement and construction industries.

The GIR1450 provides accurate and reliable positioning solutions for mining, navigational, agricultural, hydrographic and similar applications. The receiver features beacon, OmniSTAR, WAAS/EGNOS and other SBAS technologies for differential corrections and consistent sub-meter positioning.

The receiver is lightweight (.54 kg/1.2 lb.), but is extremely rugged. It can tolerate a drop of 2.0 m (6.6 ft) and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. LED indicators provide information for power, GPS lock and DGPS lock, and the LCD panel allows the user to navigate menus and configure receiver settings without using external software.

The GIR1450 components fit easily inside SOKKIA’s ergonomic backpack for rover mode. The receiver can also be mounted inside a cab for navigational applications. An optional Bluetooth® adaptor provides cable-free surveying convenience, and rechargeable batteries provide enough power for a full day of uninterrupted data collection.

Please contact the United States subsidiary, SOKKIA Corporation, at 800.4.SOKKIA with any questions, or visit to find a dealer near you.

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