INMARSAT AOR-W satellite (PRN # 122) and POR satellite (PRN #134) phased out

July 2007 (Update) – The Atlantic Ocean Region – West (AOR-W) satellite represented by PRN #122 and the Pacific Ocean Region (POR) satellite represented by PRN #134 will cease WAAS signal-in-space (SIS) transmission on July 30th, 2007.

New WAAS GEO broadcast
July 2007 – The WAAS broadcast from the Telesat geostationary satellite (PRN #138) will be operation (in Normal mode) and usable by WAAS avionics receivers on July 11. The orbital location of Telesat provides even better WAAS performance to the East Coast (high elevation) and also extends WAAS signal-in-space (SIS) coverage into northeastern Canada.

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If you are currently relying on a WAAS enabled receiver, it may be beneficial to consult the receiver manufacturer to see if your receiver is effected in any way by these changes. We have received word that firmware updates are available from some manufacturers for older receivers that may not recognize SVs 135 and 138 during an auto-search function.