Leica ADE Enhances Florida Turnpike’s Mobile Asset Management Solution

{mosaddphp:mega-house.php}Norcross, Georgia, USA — The Florida Turnpike Enterprise has implemented the Leica ADE software suite to enhance their asset management solution, eliminating the need to post-process geospatial information. 

Recently developing one of the transportation industry’s first WiFi-enabled mobile asset management systems, Florida Turnpike is now able to dynamically collect and readily access asset and geospatial information in the field.

After developing the Turnpike Enterprise Asset Management System (TEAMS), the Florida Turnpike quickly recognized the necessity to migrate their data into Oracle Spatial, a foundation for deploying enterprise-wide spatial information systems. Florida Turnpike then selected Leica ADE, a geospatial enterprise solution providing web-based and wireless location-based applications fully integrated with Oracle databases and application server technologies. Leica ADE operates in a disconnected and connected environment, allowing Florida Turnpike to migrate to WiFi technology without redesigning or redeveloping their data maintenance or reporting components.

“The future of mobile information technology requires a system that provides the same data access and analysis capabilities in the field as it does in the office—Leica ADE has given us this capability,” said Jesse Day, TEAMS Data Maintenance Manager. “With this solution, asset attribution, spatial location and photos can be collected or updated in the field and in our production database on the same day, significantly reducing the data QC cost, while improving data currency and accuracy.” 

This comprehensive solution allows staff to copy live data onto their laptop, update or collect new data in the field, and then, when back in the office, instantly upload new data into TEAMS. Built upon Oracle Spatial, Leica ADE seamlessly integrates with the system, providing swift and accurate information on the exiting sign inventory, assuring a timely restoration of signage after inclement weather.  The efficiency added with Leica ADE allows emergency response crews to respond appropriately, therefore impacting the safety of the motoring public.

It was not unusual for the Turnpike’s previous data collection and QC process to take up to 60 days to move data from collection into production. The new data collection system reduces this time from days to hours, and estimates an annual savings of multiple person-years.

“Florida Turnpike’s success following the implementation of the Leica ADE software suite highlights the industry’s growing need for enterprise solutions for better geospatial data management,” said Bob Morris, President and CEO, Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging. “Emergency response crews now have accurate data, quickly and completely updated throughout the system, providing the Turnpike’s motorists with safety, even after severe weather.”

For more information about the Leica ADE software suite, please visit Enterprise Solutions.

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