Precision Radio Boasts Up To 1700' Range

Provo, UT – July 31, 2007 – Precision Surveying Solutions LLC announced the Precision Radio, which enables wireless communication when connected to surveying instruments using a standard 9 pin serial cable  The Precision Radios provide users with greatly increased flexibility with their instruments and can communicate across distances of up to 1700 feet.

Precision Radios can be used directly with instruments that already have internal bluetooth, or paired to make a virtual 1700 foot long serial cable. The Precision  Radios can be used with any total station or data collector, including Precision’s own DC50 data collector, which features the industry’s only class 1 (long range) internal bluetooth radio.

Ohio PLS Robert Martin says, “I use the internal blue tooth on the DC50, and a radio that sits by the gun. I get better range with the blue tooth than I did with the [competitor] radio on the rod. So the only thing on the rod is th DC50.”

Precision Radios feature a hard case with the antenna housed inside to prevent any possibility of antenna breakage.  Standard AA batteries last 3-5 weeks between re-charges or replacement. Radios integrated into the DC50 are $125, and standalone radios are $299.

About Precision Surveying Solutions
Precision Surveying Solutions LLC makes instrumentation for land surveyors and civil engineers. DC50 software and hardware include patent pending technology to make a surveyors’ work move faster. For more information on the company and their products, see