National Museum of Surveying Names New Trustees

The National Museum of Surveying is pleased to announce the election of three new members to the Board of Trustees.  The newly elected trustees include Dale Beeks from Iowa, Dr. Richard Elgin from Missouri, and Lee Koehler from Illinois.  This past March we announced that the Museum will open in Springfield, Illinois, and the appointment of new trustees is one more step towards the opening and a major effort at the diversification of the Board.

Dale Beeks is a noted collector and purveyor of antique, scientific instruments.  His knowledge base about the history and development of surveying instruments is unparalleled and his willingness to help others understand this aspect of history is well known.  He has also consulted with numerous museums across the country on many matters related to history and exhibit design.  Dale has already begun assisting the Museum by agreeing to spearhead the design of our exhibits.

Dr. Richard Elgin is known throughout the profession for his many contributions over the years on both the state and national levels.  In addition to being a highly respected educator, he is a student of history and the holder of a very impressive collection of antique surveying equipment which he has shown on many occasions.  In recent years he has loaned items for exhibit at the Museum in Michigan and he will be lending his expertise to the new Museum.

Lee Koehler
is the immediate past-President of the Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association and is a principal of the firm of Cowhey, Gudmundson, Leder, LTD.  He has been an active member of IPLSA since 1975 and has served on numerous committees at the chapter and state level.  Lee has also taught several continuing education seminars in recent years.  Lee will be a valuable asset to the Museum with his contacts throughout Illinois.

The National Museum of Surveying is an outgrowth of the Museum of Surveying that has been located in Lansing, Michigan, since 1989.  With the creation of the Museum in Springfield our outreach will expand in a dramatic fashion that will help to preserve the history of the profession and put forth a positive image for the public to appreciate.