John Deere Agri Services Expands Aerial Image Capacity

Hoffman Estates, Ill. – June 19, 2007 – High quality aerial imagery has proven to be a valuable source of information for managing assets, evaluating land value, and more. With more than 75 digital camera systems, John Deere Agri Services provides unmatched capacity to deliver timely images across two-thirds of the United States and lower Canada.

“Our cameras, trained pilots, and compatibility with common airplanes give us the reach and flexibility to capture images efficiently,” says Bob Boyle, Vice President, Global Service Delivery for John Deere Agri Services. “We are able to have a pilot in the air within days of receiving an order.”

The John Deere Agri Services digital camera system features a 12-bit digital camera. It captures a broader range of reflectance and minimizes challenges caused by highly reflective surfaces, such as buildings and sandy soils, using a customer optimization algorithm.

Processing enhancements allow John Deere Agri Services to deliver bright images with wide color range, excellent clarity, and valuable information to support asset management decisions. Coupled with precision navigation, the system produces orthorectified images at an accuracy of 3 meters (CE90).

“With more than 75 camera systems and 50 geographic operating areas in North America, we deliver consistent, high-quality images across regions,” Boyle says. 

According to Boyle, building resources for remote sensing is a critical part of the company’s commitment to the industry. John Deere Agri Services has also secured government certification to operate the flight system in South Africa, Argentina, Brazil and the European Union.

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