Topcon releases next generation of digital radio design

TRL-35 sets standard for RTK communications

Livermore, CA — The next generation of digital radio design for RTK communications is now available from Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS).

Small, light and guaranteed job site tough, the TRL-35 digital 35-watt UHF radio utilizes digital signal processing (DSP) technology. At only 6 x 2.9 x 2.8 inches (height, width and depth, respectively), the TRL-35 is small, "but packs a powerful punch," according to Jason Killpack, TPS senior product marketing manager.

The UHF radio is "100 percent dust-proof and rain-proof for guaranteed constant operation on any job site," he said. The radio has an IP66 environmental rating.

The radio also features:

• Longer range in difficult conditions than older UHF technology; 

• Program any frequency in the 410-470 MHz range;
• Adjustable for 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 35 watts;
• Compatible with Topcon’s HiPer, HiPer+, HiPer XT and GR-3 integrated rover receivers and all Topcon RTK base receivers, and;
• Compatible with PacCrest PDL and TrimTalk communications technology.

"The TRL-35 sets new industry standards for performance," Killpack said. "It has an incredibly small design, the industry’s best and most reliable UHF radio provides 35 watts of lean, penetrating digital power."

About Topcon Positioning Systems
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