Topcon adds Coast Guard beacon receiver to GMS-2

BR-1 opens up additional reception possibilities

Livermore, CA — Topcon Positioning Systems’ GMS-2 now has an option that increases real-time correction capabilities of the GMS-2 hand-held receiver– the addition of a BR-1 Coast Guard beacon receiver.

The GMS-2 GIS mobile GPS receiver can utilize the new BR-1 to receive sub-meter differential correction signals from the Coast Guard beacon in real time for data collection and navigation.

Now, with this additional receiver option, real-time correction reception becomes possible in areas where it might not have been previously. Mike Weir, Topcon director of sales – GIS, said, “The Coast Guard beacon is a free, land-based radio signal that is not easily interrupted by obstructions – trees, buildings and natural terrain obstacles.”

“The BR-1 has the unique feature of four channels and provides users with up to four consistently available correction signals to achieve sub-meter, real-time accuracies in the field.” The new receiver will “automatically select the best correction of the four signals available to send to the Topcon GMS-2, a function making the BR-1 a smart correction option for the GMS-2.”

The BR-1 also has the following features:
• Bluetooth ™ wireless communications;
• Lightweight, compact and easy to use;
• 1 meter drop specification, and;
• Can be worn in a convenient hip pack.

The rugged, compact GMS-2 is the industry’s first GIS-GPS product with:
• Dual-constellation tracking;
• An integrated digital camera linking photos to feature locations;
• An electronic compass for bearing and direction information, and;
• The functionality to be used as a GIS mapping system, an L1 static survey grade receiver or a field controller.

Weir said, “The GMS-2 opens up diverse opportunities for GIS professionals. The capability of having dual-constellation access guarantees increased productivity on the job site. Using the unit’s integrated digital imaging technology eliminates the need for external cameras in the field.”

He said, “The integrated digital camera feature of the GMS-2 eliminates the headache of configuring devices to work together and/or linking photos to GPS locations manually back at the office. It all boils down to saving time, and increasing productivity and efficiency.”

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