DeLorme Expands GPS Market with New $69.95 Price on Earthmate® GPS for Laptops

Includes Just-Released Street Atlas USA 2008 DVD Software

Yarmouth, Maine — DeLorme, the company that pioneered GPS for laptops and PDAs, announced today it has launched updated Street Atlas USA 2008 DVD software with the Earthmate GPS LT-20 at the new low price of only $69.95.

The Earthmate GPS LT-20 features cutting-edge GPS technologies from STMicroelectronics and DeLorme, with fast satellite acquisition times and superior performance when dealing with reflected GPS signals ? a frequent occurrence in urban settings.

The updated Street Atlas USA 2008 DVD software includes extensive revisions to its street-level detail for the United States and Canada and, for the first time, highways and major roads for Mexico.
New Low Price Expands the Market
The combination of the DeLorme Earthmate GPS LT-20 and the included Street Atlas USA 2008 software means anyone with a laptop PC can enjoy the benefits of GPS wherever they travel in the U.S., Canada, and now Mexico, too.

"By continuously driving down costs and expanding sales through mass distribution we have been able to lower our price points for laptop GPS without compromising quality," said Caleb Mason, DeLorme Director of Marketing.

"Laptop GPS offers many advantages over other types, with the large screen providing easy-to-see, wide geographic context. With laptops continuing to replace desktops, we can offer more and more consumers an affordable yet powerful GPS solution to help plan trips and GPS navigate without getting lost."

Ships with Updated DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2008 DVD Software
The new lower-priced Earthmate GPS LT-20 ships with updated Street Atlas USA 2008 DVD software, just in time for the busy summer travel season.

Using the DeLorme system is simple. After installing Street Atlas USA 2008 DVD on their laptop PC, users can create driving routes automatically, locate ideal overnight stops, find lodgings, food, and attractions; and devise itineraries, all in advance.
In-vehicle, the Earthmate can be secured next to the windshield. Its five-foot cable is more than ample even in motor coaches and big rig trucks.

With the software running, the Earthmate automatically begins tracking on pre-planned routes. Large, easy-to-read Next-Turn and Turn-After arrows and directions appear below the large map. Voice prompts announce upcoming turns, speaking the precise name of the road or exit. No extra subscription charges apply, nor is Internet access required. Everything needed is included in the Earthmate package.

"At the new low price of only $69.95, we hope people will buy an Earthmate to bring on their next trip. The product can be found at all major computer stores, making it easy to buy as a travel impulse item. By planning better and not wasting time getting lost, it seems likely the Earthmate will pay itself back on one long trip in gas savings alone," said Mason.

GPS Capabilities
The software’s GPS capabilities are unsurpassed. In fact, DeLorme led the way with features such as voice-guided navigation that calls out street names and exit numbers, provides spoken responses to questions or commands; automatic back-on-track routing (in case of detours or unplanned side trips), and GPS Radar, to locate upcoming places of interest (fuel, lodging, restaurants, businesses) from a driver’s real time position.

Street Atlas USA 2008 DVD also includes four million updated places of interest including many chains researched by DeLorme’s in-house team of cartographers. DeLorme is one of a handful of mapmakers who still produce their own maps for GPS products, which means many customer revisions have been made as well as significant updates to streets and highways across the U.S., Canada, and now Mexico. The inclusion of major roads for Mexico means routes created in the U.S. and/or Canada can also automatically connect to the adjoining infrastructure within Mexico.

Available Aerial Imagery
Users can also download available aerial imagery of the U.S. to their laptops, PDAs, or supported phones running either Palm OS or Pocket PC. The imagery can be used for real-time GPS tracking, and is ideal for identifying landmarks, determining land use (e.g., residential, agricultural, or open space), and much more.

Street Atlas USA 2008 DVD comes with a free application for installing the software, with full routing and GPS navigation capabilities, plus aerial imagery,, on supported Palm OS and Pocket PC PDAs and touch screen phones.

The Earthmate GPS LT-20 is available wherever electronics and software are sold. It also can be ordered from DeLorme at, or by phone at 800-561-5105. The suggested retail price is $69.95, with updated Street Atlas USA 2008 DVD software included. The software is also available by itself at most of the same locations, with a suggested retail of $39.95. 

A higher-end version of the software, Street Atlas USA 2008 Plus DVD, retails at $59.95. It offers additional features including data importing and geo-locating, large-format printing, and additional editing tools.

About DeLorme
DeLorme is the longtime leader in innovative mapping and GPS solutions for both consumer and professional markets. The company’s trailblazing Street Atlas USA® and Topo USA® consumer software and Earthmate receivers have set the standards for GPS, routing, and travel planning capabilities. DeLorme XMap® software is expanding the GIS market through its advanced capabilities, affordable pricing, and ease of use. Today, the innovation continues with the Earthmate GPS PN-20 handheld receiver, the Earthmate GPS BT-20 Bluetooth(tm) receiver, and the DeLorme receiver module for OEM electronic systems. Located in Yarmouth, Maine, DeLorme is home to Eartha(tm), the world’s largest rotating and revolving globe.