GeoWeb 2007 to Feature 13 Comprehensive Workshops

Vancouver, B.C., May 17, 2007—GeoWeb 2007 organizers are pleased to announce the GeoWeb 2007 conference lineup of workshops. GeoWeb 2007 will be held on July 23-27, 2007, at the Morris J. Wosk Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Unique to GeoWeb 2007, Geospatial industry leaders and academics will instruct 13 workshops covering the latest technological advancements and current issues facing the GeoWeb today. Conference attendees can select from three full-day workshops and nine half-day workshops:
• Putting GML Into Practice (full day)
• Creating Web 2.0 Applications on an Open Source Geospatial Platform (full day)
• Community-Collaborative Mashups with Google Maps API (full day) Geospatial Standards for JPEG 2000
• Building GML and Flash-based Mashups Using Flex and Apollo
• Building Geo-Mashup Applications Using the Semantic Web and TopBraid Composer
• The Use of Ontologies in GML Schema Mapping and Error Handling
• Geosocial Networking: Democratic Access to Location-based Content Made Easy
• A New Paradigm for Image Solutions – the ArcGIS Image Server
• Developing Web 2.0 applications with Oracle WebCenter, MapViewer, and Spatial
• Unlocking the Potential of ArcGIS Explorer and ArcGIS Online
• Building XML Applications with GML
• A Detailed Look at the SAML and XACML Standards

“The GeoWeb conference program is greatly enhanced with this year’s impressive lineup of workshops. These workshops explore technology innovations and policy important to every GIS professional,” said Ron Lake, Chairman & CEO, Galdos Systems Inc.. He added, “The acquisition of knowledge is what the GeoWeb conferences are all about.”

The conference will also include paper presentations, keynote addresses, and a Vendor’s Spotlight. Online registration is available at

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About the GeoWeb Conferences
The GeoWeb conferences are about unleashing the economic potential associated with the convergence of XML, Web services, and geographic information systems, known as the GeoWeb. Organized via partnership between Galdos Systems Inc. (Galdos) and Geospatial Information Technology Association (GITA), GeoWeb 2007 welcomes both public and private organizations to meet, discuss, and learn about today’s most innovative geospatial technologies and the possibilities related to this important technological shift. GeoWeb 2007 will include dedicated workshops on Geography Markup Language (GML), KML, MapPoint, LandXML, SVG, ebRIM, and OGC Web Services for GIS. For information, please visit