New Topcon robotic total station adds digital imaging

GPT-9000Ai combines imaging and scanning

Livermore, CA – The newest addition to Topcon Positioning Systems’ (TPS) robotic total station series – the GPT-9000Ai – will offer the added productivity and versatility of integrated digital imaging, a world’s first technology Topcon introduced in 2005 with its GPT-7000i total station.

“This new robot will dramatically improve field productivity,” said Peter Wallace, TPS director of survey sales. “Its integrated, dual digital camera imaging technology captures reality with wide angle and telescopic view capabilities, “ Wallace said, “and when used in conjunction with the built-in scanning feature, it provides a dynamic system that provides the automation of a much-higher priced laser scanner for targeted applications.”

“The GPT-9000Ai puts material management, as-built design, and structural/environmental monitoring at an operator’s fingertips,” he said. “By adding optional digital imaging software you can combine multiple job site photos and create 3D models and point clouds.”

The instrument, which will be available in North America later this year, provides unique precise reflectorless measurement up to 2,000 meters – more than 6,500 feet (1.2 miles) – the longest in the industry, and can easily measure on difficult targets like power lines.

The system will include Topcon’s new FC-200 field controller, the fastest field computer available. The controller features a 520 MHz Intel X-scale processor for fast performance and Windows Mobile 4.2 operating system. An optional snap-on RS-1 GHz radio module can be added to the FC-200 for interference-free, long-range, two-way data communications.

Topcon’s new, enhanced RC-3 tracking system, providing positive instrument lock with the simplicity of one-touch operation, is also included. Designed to work with the new, lightweight 360-degree prism, the RC-3 offers the simplicity of one-touch operation and the industry’s fastest Quicklock prism acquisition.

Topcon’s unique channel designation software allows up to six different robotic systems to operate on the same site.

Ray O’Connor, Topcon Positioning president and CEO, said the new GPT-9000Ai and total station “simply sets a new standard for robotic total stations. The GPT-9000A was already the smartest, fastest, and longest measuring robotic stations available in the market.  The advanced technology already gives pinpoint accurate measures from incredible distances.

“Topcon was the first manufacturer to combine digital imaging with reflectorless total stations several years ago.  With this new instrument, we have expanded the applications and productivity of our uses substantially.”

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