Satamatics introduces new global Personnel Tracker

Satellite technology will help protect individuals in remote, hostile environments

Tewkesbury, UK – 09 May 2007: Satamatics, the global provider of satellite-telematics, asset tracking and monitoring services, today launched its Personnel Tracker.  Utilising satellite technology, the tracker is designed to track individuals in dangerous, hostile and remote locations, and provide alarm functions for emergency situations.

The Personnel Tracker has been developed from Satamatics’ proven SAT-201 technology. The product is housed in a single, compact, lightweight unit, which contains the Satellite terminal with an integral GPS receiver, as well as a built-in battery that allows continuous operation and data transmission between charges. All of Satamatics’ products operate over Inmarsat’s satellite network which provides reliable, worldwide coverage, making the Personnel Tracker ideal for keeping track of individuals who are situated remotely where mobile phone and other radio network coverage is limited or non-existent.

Crucially, in addition to transmitting regular position reports at time intervals chosen by the customer, the Personnel Tracker allows the user to trigger a panic alarm if an emergency situation occurs. The tracker is easily transportable and small enough to be carried in a rucksack or with the addition of magnetic feet, mounted onto a vehicle, thus allowing deployment flexibility. It is also compatible for use with PDAs, which means that users can use the  Personnel Tracker for 2-way communication and upgrade their firmware as they travel.

The tracker is beneficial both for those in lone worker situations and for those who travel to remote and possibly dangerous locations for leisure purposes.  The use of tracking equipment allows companies to minimise the risk to which employees or clients are exposed, when working outside the office.  Additionally, companies can ensure compliance with increasingly stringent legislation that dictates that the safety of employees must be maintained at all times. 

The Personnel Tracker will also help to reassure family and friends of individuals that choose to take ‘the road less travelled’, as it will provide a constant channel of communication and allow immediate notification of any problems, which will reduce the time needed to find and assist the traveller. Coupled with some online mapping websites it is also possible for those at home to keep track of their loved ones and monitor their progress on their travels.

Due to its global coverage capabilities, which increases safety in remote areas, the Personal Tracker is expected to have implications for both individuals and company insurance in parts of the world where currently little or no insurance cover can be provided.
Peter Chisholm CEO of Satamatics explains, "This is the first time we as a company have ventured into tracking individuals, rather than objects or vehicles.  We believe that the Personnel Tracker offers real advantages over alternative solutions.  Most notably, the fact that Satamatics’ Personnel Tracker utilises our worldwide satellite transceiver technology, proven in maritime, prospecting and international aid applications, will mean the tracker will work in remote locations where this equipment is most needed."

About Satamatics
Satamatics is a global telematics company, which provides customised, end-to-end tracking and monitoring solutions that will work anywhere in the world. With over 100,000 terminals operating on its network, Satamatics enables land transport, security, maritime and oil and gas organisations to locate, track and communicate with mobile assets, safeguard their fleets, cargo and personnel, and monitor their fixed and mobile assets in the most hostile or remote terrains in the world.

The privately owned company was founded in Gloucestershire, UK, in April 2001 and has been placed 19th in a nationwide evaluation of technology companies. The Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100, compiled by Fast Track, ranks Britain’s fastest-growing private technology companies and is based on sales growth between 2003 and 2005. Over the period Satamatics’ sales grew from £1.3m to £6.7m.