UK International Kicks it Up a Notch

Company Adds New Rechargeable Feature to Two Popular LED Models

Poway, CA. (April 23, 2007) – For more than twenty years the technical experts at Underwater Kinetics (UK International) have brought new innovative lighting technologies into the market place time and time again- literally changing the face of personal lighting products for industrial, safety and recreational use.

For Spring 2007 UK International continues to pioneer new technologies by improving two high performance designs by taking them to the next level.

4AA eLED® Zoom Rechargeable
4AA Right Angle eLED® Zoom Rechargeable

UK’s 4AA electronic LED (eLED®) Zoom has all the features that make it a tremendous hard working flashlight and the 4AA Right Angle eLED Zoom light is one of the most flexible and powerful work lights ever created. For 2007 these two models will be fitted with a rechargeable NiMH battery pack and a highly bright white LED.

These rechargeable UK4AA eLED® Zoom models are powered by high capacity nickel metal hydride cells which charge in 1.5 hours and utilize a drop-in fast-charge stand. Featuring high intensity 2.1-watt LED bulbs these work horses will run for 5 straight hours on a single charge. Both models feature UK’s patent-pending Projection Optical System- the technological breakthrough that uses a dual lens bezel instead of reflectors to produce an incredibly smooth beam of light.

Each of these waterproof lights has a non-corroding ABS and polycarbonate plastic construction casing which is tough and electrically non-conductive.
A wide array of accessories are available for both models including helmet mounts for all hard hats, nylon belt holsters and auto charge adapters making them perfect tools for confined-space workers, municipal workers, firefighters, safety inspectors, and telecommunication, utility, and installation professionals.

Other features include:
• Fast 1.5 hour two stage charger for quick charge and trickle maintenance charge.
• Rubber sheath molded over bezel to reduce glare and improve impact resistance • Push-button thumb switch • Variable medium to narrow beam • A hydrogen scrubber catalyst, polarized battery contacts, and 0-psi vent minimize the risk of an explosion from leaking batteries.
• UL certified for use in hazardous locations.
• Temperature range: -4° to 122°F (batteries), 32° to 122°F (switch), -4° to 95°F (storage) • Waterproof to 10 feet • 4AA Right Angle eLED® Zoom Rechargeable ONLY: A 360-degree rotating lamp head, allowing the user to focus light exactly where it is needed.

Product Specs:
LAMP: 2.1-watt high brightness white LED BURN TIME: 5 Hours
BATTERIES: 4 AA size Nickel Metal Hydride (non-removable)
SIZE: 6.7 L x 1.64 W x 1.4 D inches
AMERICAN standards
UL (US, Canada) Approved
CL I, DIV 2, GP A, B, C, D, CL II, DIV 2 GP G, CL III, DIV 2 T2B

4AA eLED Zoom, With Charger $154.99
4AA eLED Zoom, With Euro Charger $168.00

4AA Right Angle eLED Zoom, With Charger $157.99 4AA Right Angle eLED Zoom, With Euro Charger $171.00

About UK International
For over a quarter century UK International, better known as UK, has been in the business of designing and manufacturing lights, protective cases and accessories for use in harsh or difficult environments. Our waterproof lights are the standard for scuba divers, fire fighters, utility workers and health and safety personnel. UK protective dry cases meet rigid standards set by OEMs to protect their products in challenging environments. For more information on UK International, please visit