Topcon, TSD Unveil Dynamic New Construction Technologies, Wide-Range of New Products

13 New Products Debut This Week at Bauma

Livermore, Calif. – For Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS), the world leader in innovative precise positioning products and technologies, 2007 will be a benchmark year, according to Ray O’Connor, company president and CEO.

Topcon, in conjunction with TSD Integrated Controls, the Topcon and Sauer-Danfoss joint venture company, will announce a combined 13 new products this week at Bauma, the world’s largest construction show, underway in Munich, Germany. “It’s the perfect forum for unveiling these innovative new products that will further solidify Topcon’s leadership in the global construction market,” O’Connor said.

The announcements include:
• World’s first comprehensive site mapping, data logging, reporting and asset management system for construction equipment;

• A unique family of automated paving control systems, including 3D-GPS+, that will bring the advantages of automated paving control to every OEM and contractor and every budget, and;

• Topcon’s involvement in the world’s largest current highway construction project, in which the company made the largest ever single sale of 3D machine control systems.

O’Connor said, “The announcements run the gamut from major advances in machine control automation using Topcon’s unique G3 satellite reception technology, to new 2D, cost-effective machine control system for excavators, to Topcon’s trademarked Millimeter GPS application expanded to include pavers, profilers and trimmers.”

The joint venture between Topcon and Sauer Danfoss, the world’s leading supplier of electro- hydraulic equipment, is producing “phenomenal results that benefit consumers worldwide,” according to Ivan Di Federico, TSD general manager.

“Topcon’s experience and leadership in the precise positioning global market, combined with Sauer Danfoss’ unparalleled history of accomplishments makes for a partnership that is unbeatable.”

Below are summaries of the major product announcements from Topcon and TSD.

World’s first total job site management system
The construction industry’s first total information technology solution for every machine on every global job site will soon be a reality. SiteLINK is the world’s first wireless communications mapping, data logging, reporting and asset management system for off-road equipment. It features the ability to work with any make, model or type of job site machine, regardless of manufacturer and age. It also serves as a theft protection system.

Millimeter GPS™ expands to pavers, trimmers
Topcon’s industry-leading Millimeter GPS precise positioning technology has been expanded into the paving industry, creating the world’s first 3D-GPS+ control system for pavers, profilers and trimmers. Topcon’s unique technology provides a significant enhancement in the vertical measuring precision of GPS, providing the accuracy required to eliminate any need for strings or stakes.

Automated paving systems for any budget
A unique family of automated paving control systems that will bring the advantages of automatic asphalt paving control to every OEM and contractor and every budget has been announced by TSD. The three new systems – ReadyPave, MasterPave and AutoPave – all feature easy-to-use, automated controls with millimeter accuracy, and new sensing technology.

Record number 3D control systems going to major highway project
Topcon’s world’s first GPS+ technology has been chosen to direct project layout and construction for a major section of the world’s largest highway construction in Algeria. Topcon’s portion of the bid includes the sale, training and support for about 100 3D systems in total, with 40 already confirmed. This transaction marks the single largest 3D equipment sale in the world.

New interface saves money, time automating popular dozers
Adding the world’s most popular automated grade control to Caterpillar ® D8T, D9T, and the new D6 series dozers just got a lot easier. Topcon’s new Joystick Interface Box eliminates the need to add hydraulic valves, saving money and reducing installation time to an hour or less instead of days.

New 2-D excavator grade control systems
Topcon has two new additions to its series of 2D excavating control solutions – the 2DXi and the 2DXe. The new 2DXi solution is an affordable basic system that can be upgraded to full 3D GPS+ control. The new 2DXe system offers a high-performance, low-cost option for large or small excavators and backhoes where basic indicate control is all that is needed.

Topcon adds G3 technology to machine control
The world’s first GPS + GLONASS capable 3-D machine control systems are now available with advanced G3 technology that will allow the user to also add reception of the European Union’s planned Galileo satellite constellation. Topcon’s new machine receiver maximizes satellite reception allowing machinery to maintain satellite control in the most minimal sky-view conditions including open pit mines, heavily forested areas, and in urban canyons.

New GreenBeam® laser right for all interior jobs, all budgets
Topcon’s new professional interior laser combines advanced features, a compact design, and an economical price to create a laser that’s right for all jobs and all budgets. The new RL-VH4G incorporates the industry’s most visible laser – the world’s first GreenBeam® technology introduced by Topcon in 1997.

3D-MC software upgrade adds on-the-fly cut/fill display
The latest release of a new version of Topcon’s 3D Office and Pocket 3D software – Version 6.11 – offers significant new enhancements to popular 3-D machine control and construction field software. The upgrade has a real-time, color-coded cut/fill mapping feature displaying where material is located on the job site and where it needs to be moved.

LPS-900 new local positioning system
Topcon’s 3D-LPS, the world’s most advanced, high-accuracy local positioning 3-D control system is being upgraded. The new LPS-900 system, which features Topcon’s exclusive X-TRAC® tracking technology and integrated radio communication, allows for higher speed operation under all conditions.

New robotic total station will combine imaging and scanning
Topcon’s next addition to its robotic total station series – the GPT-9000Ai — will offer the added productivity and versatility of integrated digital imaging, a world’s first technology Topcon introduced in 2005 with its GPT-7000i total station. The instrument will dramatically improve field productivity and its integrated, dual digital camera imaging technology captures reality with wide angle and telescopic view capabilities.

About Topcon Positioning Systems
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