2007 ESRI Award Winners Announced by ASPRS

The ASPRS Journal Review Committee announced the winners of this year’s ESRI Award for Best Scientific Paper in GIS.   The First Place winners are Suzanne P. Wechsler and Charles N. Kroll, “Quantifying DEM Uncertainty and Its Effect on Topographic Parameters,” PE&RS, 72 (9), 1081-1090.  The Second Place goes to Jeremy Mennis, “Socioeconomic-Vegetation Relationships in Urban, Residential Land: The Case of Denver, Colorado,” PE&RS, 72 (8), 911-921.  Third Place was awarded to Kurt H. Riitters, James D. Wickham, and Timothy G. Wade, “Evaluating Ecoregions for Sampling and Mapping Land-cover Patterns,”  PE&RS, 72 (7), 781-797.

Presentation of the awards will take place in May during the ASPRS 2007 Annual Conference in Tampa, Florida. This Award is presented by the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) through the ASPRS Foundation, with funding provided by a grant from ESRI. The purpose of the Award is to encourage and commend those who publish papers of scientific merit in the advancement of knowledge about Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  The First Place winners are awarded a certificate and $500; Second Place winners receive a certificate and $300 and Third Place winners are given a certificate and $200.

Factors considered by the Committee in making its selection are the scientific contributions that the paper makes toward the advancement of knowledge about Geographic Information Systems. The Award is made to individuals whose article was published in the ASPRS journal, PE&RS, during the calendar year preceding the year of the Award presentation.  The recipients of the Award are elected by secret ballot of the Committee, with a simple majority determining the result.

Founded in 1934, ASPRS is an international professional organization of 6,000 geospatial data professionals. ASPRS is devoted to advancing knowledge and improving understanding of the mapping sciences to promote responsible application of photogrammetry, remote sensing, geographic information systems and supporting technologies.

About The ASPRS Foundation
Founded in 1979, The ASPRS Foundation, Inc. is an independent 501 (c) 3 organization established to provide grants, scholarships, loans and other forms of aid to individuals or organizations pursuing knowledge of imaging and geospatial information science and technology, and their applications across the scientific, governmental, and commercial sectors.  The Foundation is the primary funding source for all non-sponsored awards and scholarships recognized by the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.