Trimble Launches Premium GPS Content Layer for Google Earth With Its Trimble Outdoors Applications

GPS Layer Provides Highly Accurate Outdoor Fitness and Adventure Data, Along with Complete Multimedia Experience for GPS-Enabled Mobile Phones

Sunnyvale, Calif., April 12 — Trimble (Nasdaq:TRMB) today launched the first multimedia layer of GPS-based adventure details for Google Earth. The layer incorporates interactive information from the Trimble Outdoors(TM) catalog of GPS-on-cellular applications, as well as premium content from contributors to BACKPACKER, Bicycling and Mountain Bike magazines.

Premium GPS-based information from Trimble Outdoors and leading national publications is now available as a Google Earth Featured Content Layer. Users can access a wide variety of multimedia data on fitness and outdoor adventures, including routes, points of interest, pictures, video and audio. This information is designed to support the outdoor enthusiast community with new opportunities to explore the earth and share stories of their adventures.

The Trimble Outdoors solution takes advantage of technology convergence by integrating trip details with its planning software, the Web and mobile
phone technology to allow users to view and participate in compelling outdoor experiences. Google Earth users can export the layer data to any WAP-capable mobile phone, experience it via a GPS-enabled mobile phone with Trimble Outdoors’ fitness and outdoor recreational applications, or download to a stand-alone GPS device.

"Trimble Outdoors is providing Google Earth users with the first multimedia GPS content layer for outdoor adventure seekers," said Larry Fox, business development, Trimble Outdoors. "Using Google Earth and the Trimble Outdoors GPS layer, users can view a 3D trip of running, bicycling or hiking destinations — gaining a unique perspective with the addition of audio, video, photos and detailed editorial. Through this interactive interface, users can not only see an activity, they can share an experience."

For example, hikers, equestrians or families can experience the Pacific Crest Trail online by viewing hundreds of photos, audio clips and videos from BACKPACKER Magazine through Google Earth. Whether these adventure seekers plan to hike a few miles or a few thousand miles, they can download helpful information and virtually fly through several different regions from Mexico to Canada, through California, Oregon and Washington; guided by expert content along the way.

Google Earth combines the power of Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings. Featured content, such as the new Trimble Outdoors GPS layer, contains highly informative, multimedia-enhanced data about various places around the planet, overlaid on Google Earth imagery. Trimble Outdoors has populated its Google Earth layer with premium fitness and off-road GPS navigation information, such as GPS tracks and waypoints, trailhead directions, trail descriptions, photos, video clips and audio.

About Trimble Outdoors
Trimble Outdoors is a family of GPS-on-cellular applications for consumers. With Trimble Outdoors, consumers can use their GPS-enabled cell phones to navigate trails and highways, track workout performance, geocache, and create, manage and share those experiences with others.

By leveraging Trimble’s 28 years of commercial expertise in GPS, software, and communications, Trimble Outdoors delivers cost-effective and convenient position-based services that promote consumers’ well-being, security and active lifestyle.

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