Eagle Point launches process management software and services solution

Revolutionary technology provides tools for users of Eagle Point™, Autodesk® and Bentley solutions to improve efficiency and effectiveness of use, thereby increasing their return on investments made in technology and people.

Dubuque, Iowa – 04/03/2007 – Eagle Point Corporation announced today the release of the Pinnacle Series™ software and services solution to the Land Development industry as part of its continued product and service expansion plan.

Pinnacle Series provides the ability to integrate design processes with the technology that engineers and designers currently own and use every day by cataloging workflow “best practices” and delivering them electronically to all project team members.

By defining the processes in plain, simple terms within the software and matching the corresponding tools that are needed during that process, users with little or no CAD design knowledge are able to understand and follow the steps needed to complete the work, which in turn leads to consistent quality among deliverables.
“The Pinnacle Series increases organizational efficiency by removing the guesswork of determining the next task in a process and reducing the time users take relearning tasks or redoing work when steps are forgotten,” explains John Biver, President and CEO of Eagle Point.

“In addition, we have found that once a workflow process is documented correctly, the Pinnacle Series provides a perfect way to streamline the training of employees and increase productivity. The instructions they need to complete their work along with shortcuts to the necessary technology are displayed onscreen and are integrated seamlessly with their CAD design software and other tools.”

The Pinnacle Series operates directly with existing CAD design software and details the steps the user needs to accomplish during a specific task. Within the Pinnacle Series, ties to design software and CAD commands can be made to the task steps as well as links to other technologies, such as project management, e-mail, web/intranet sites and any other applications for direct execution. This presents users with the ability to execute the right command at the right step in the process.

For more information on Pinnacle Series, visit http://www.eaglepoint.com/pinnacleweb.

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