Guardian ProStar Launches New Service

Grand Junction, CO – March 30, 2007 — Guardian ProStar, Inc. announced today the release of ProStar Online™, its commercial, Internet-based field communication and project management software system and services. According to Guardian CEO Page Tucker, ProStar Online™ provides new and improved capabilities in GIS utility data transfer and project management.

“The ProStar Online™ application provides needed versatility to operate on a wide range of projects with widely dispersed field crews, and keep track of individual worker or crew progress in near real-time,” said Tucker. “Its sophisticated bidirectional communication and data synchronization features provide a number of project management and work progress reports that can be accessed from the office by management personnel while work is underway in the field.”

Using ProStar Online™, project managers can interactively guide work in the field among multiple crews on separate sites, or all working on the same site, getting it right the first time, and eliminating much wasted time and effort. Workflow is greatly improved and the end-of-day data dump is virtually eliminated, resulting in significant cost savings.

Randy Meyer, Guardian’s VP of Professional Services said, “Project Managers who have seen our demonstrations are excited about this real-time visibility and its positive impact on Quality Control. Managers can check crew progress, identify missing or incorrect data, and reduce subsequent pick-ups of that data. They see the value in ‘getting it right the first time’ in the field. And with ProStar Online™, there’s no need to invest in new servers or computers. You can use your existing I/T infrastructure and pay as you go.”

For more information about Guardian ProStar or the new ProStar Online™ Internet based communication and project management software and services, contact Mr. Randy Meyer, VP of Professional Services at 970-242-4024 or visit