SECO introduces a new collapsible, lightweight GIS pole

SECO’s new Satellite Stick™ is ideal for GIS, and where weight and portability are factors

Redding, CA — March 29, 2007 — SECO Manufacturing Company, Incorporated recently introduced a new portable, lightweight pole for GIS applications called the Satellite Stick.

The Satellite Stick is composed of six carbon fiber sections connected by an elastic shock cord. The sections are joined together with threaded 303 stainless steel fittings. The pole is easy to set up and extend to two meters. The pole tears down just as easily to a compact 1.18 ft (36.1 cm). When broken down the whole system will fit in a typical GIS backpack with other gear.

Other features include a snap-on 130-minute bubble, elastic strap (to bundle the pole together when broken down) and fluorescent yellow system bag.
Adding two adapters (#5126-010, sold separately) will accommodate a SECO data collector pole clamp and cradle and a standard SECO bipod when necessary.

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