SECO introduces a new all-terrain transport solution for rover rod and gear

When you can’t drive it or quad it, ‘Big Wheel’ I with the new SECO Rover Rod Big Wheel!

Redding, CA — SECO Manufacturing Company, Incorporated recently introduced a new solution for transporting and using GPS rover rods on rough terrain or long jobs.  The new Rover Rod Big Wheel can carry the load of a rover rod with all the gear attached – including a bipod. This new product is perfect for use when conducting RTK continuous profiling as it keeps the rover rod on the surface you are measuring. The wheel and section piece are the same length as that of a popular SECO 2-meter, two-piece, rover rod so the surveyor can use an existing rover rod top piece or purchase a top piece separately to use with the Big Wheel. Top pieces are available from SECO in either carbon fiber or aluminum – both with 40-minute vials.

This is a great product for those times when you need good elevation on the job as well, in places like ag fields, GIS jobs, site prep work, or volume survey situations.

Features include a 20-inch-diameter, non-pneumatic, urethane wheel, which will give years of maintenance-free service; and a sturdy handle that allows tracking straight lines, turning sharp corners or driving over terrain obstacles. A SECO bipod can be added to this setup for ‘parking’ or when a plumb up is necessary for more accurate shots.

The Rover Rod Big Wheel is now available from all SECO dealers.
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