LiDARXCHANGE Collects Data to Benefit the Whole LiDAR Community

El Segundo, CA – January 15, 2007 – LiDARXCHANGE, the world’s largest consortium of LiDAR sensors and expertise, has been quietly putting together a global LiDAR aggregation program for a couple of years now that is soon to be released to market.

Providers from all over have contributed to the geodatabase. More than 100,000 square miles of high-resolution LiDAR data have been compiled to date. Users of this database will be able to search for LiDAR by flight date, resolution, and accuracy. Full QA/QC reports will also be available. “We are very excited to see such a strong response to our call to action. LiDARXCHANGE was founded on the principle that all of us together means more profits for each of us than any one of us alone,” said LiDARXCHANGE member Randy Rhoads, “This initiative is just one in what we hope will become a long tradition of innovative programs offered by the LiDARXCHANGE.”

Already fully functional online, the database offers many benefits to data providers and owners including complete control over pricing and licensing rights of their datasets. The release date will be made public once the last call for data, currently underway, is complete.

While all companies are invited to participate, LiDARXCHANGE participants receive additional benefits when they contribute data to the project. Interested companies are asked to contact LiDARXCHANGE at for more information on participating in the program or becoming a LiDARXCHANGE member. 

LiDARXCHANGE ( is an exclusive network of LiDAR service mapping providers, owners, and operators of multi-million dollar mapping assets who recognize the value in tracking the location and productivity of their sensors, aircraft, and related resources. LiDARXCHANGE empowers participating LiDAR players to shed their excess capacity whenever and wherever it exists, resulting in increased utilization, revenues, and profits.