MultiVision USA Introduces MultiVision 3D Plus Oblique Imagery Solution

Orlando, Fla., 18 December 2006 – MultiVision USA today introduced MultiVision 3D Plus, the first integrated oblique imagery and 3D viewing solution designed for use by multiple departments within city and county governments. Without third-party vendors or expensive software add-ons, MultiVision 3D Plus enables users to view infrastructure in true 3D and run simulation analyses, like floods and storm surges, in their GIS environment.

“MultiVision 3D Plus is the Swiss Army Knife of oblique imagery solutions,” said MultiVision USA President Dave Ledgerwood. “MultiVision 3D Plus offers a fast and easy multi-perspective image viewing application for every local government department, especially Property Appraisal, Public Safety and Public Works.”

The new MultiVision 3D Plus solution was developed to enable users to fully exploit the unrivaled clarity and information content of MultiVision oblique imagery. Acquired with a proprietary aerial imaging system, MultiVision imagery offers a pixel resolution of +3 inches, sufficient to identify and measure even the smallest building detail or infrastructure asset.

“The resolution of MultiVision USA imagery is what first attracted so many Property Appraisers to our solution for use in assessing changes to properties,” said Ledgerwood. “In creating MultiVision 3D Plus, we have significantly enhanced our viewing software to facilitate the use of oblique aerial imagery by other government offices.”

The new MultiVision 3D Plus viewing software includes the following advanced capabilities seamlessly integrated into a single product:
• 3D Modeling with Real Building Facades – With just a few mouse clicks, the user can extract any building from the imagery and view the structure with its actual facade from any angle or perspective. Onscreen tools allow the user to measure vertical and horizontal features from any angle or direction. This 3D modeling capability can be integrated with ESRI 3D tools. Property Appraisers can evaluate structural changes, and Public Works personnel can inventory infrastructure assets with a combination of speed and accuracy never before available.

• 3D Flood Simulation – The user has complete control over flood inundation models that graphically visualize the extent of flooding under various storm-surge and floodplain breach scenarios. The simulation determines the location and depth of flood waters, making it possible for Public Safety personnel to estimate damage, plan emergency response activities, and map out evacuation routes in advance of major storms.

• GIS Integration – MultiVision 3D Plus imagery and software capabilities can be integrated into the GIS environment, allowing users to overlay parcels, transportation and other layers onto the oblique imagery. The 3D modeling and flood simulation functions can be applied to any GIS layer overlaid on the oblique imagery.

“The applications of MultiVision 3D Plus are limitless,” said Ledgerwood. “MultiVision 3D Plus is the solution for any municipality or county that wants to satisfy the imagery viewing requirements of multiple departments with a single purchase.”

About MultiVision USA
The MultiVision imagery database and software provide several advantages over other oblique aerial products. MultiVision processing technology registers the oblique images to standard orthophotography to create a multi-dimensional viewing environment in the customer’s GIS coordinate system, resulting in accurate feature identification and measurement. In addition, the MultiVision software provides easy-to-use 3D modeling functionality. Perhaps most importantly, MultiVision clients own the imagery they purchase from MultiVision USA.