iVAULT 2007 for MapGuide Open Source Ships with DMSG Premiere

Las Vegas, Autodesk University – November 27, 2006 – Today DM Solutions Group (DMSG) and Pacific Alliance Technologies (PAT) announced the release of iVAULT 2007 with commercial support for MapGuide Open backed by DMSG Premiere, and its future amalgamation with the DMSG Fusion toolkit for MapGuide Open.  iVAULT 2007 was today released into a commercial, production environment and is being used by the Resort Municipality of Whistler’s staff on their Intranet.

Intended to streamline the implementation of MapGuide Open Source, iVAULT 2007 allows users and Implementation Partners to complete a MapGuide implementation without needing any development staff.  Scheduled for a spring release, Fusion extends the core of MapGuide with superior functionality and flexibility.  Removing the need for software development expertise from a MapGuide Open implementation allows domain experts to implement MapGuide Open on their terms.  DMSG and PAT have started to enable partners with domain expertise to implement the product line.  UMA Engineering, one of Canada’s largest engineering firms recently started offering web-mapping solutions to their clients using iVAULT 2007 and MapGuide Open.  Challenger Geomatics is implementing iVAULT 2007 with MapGuide Open to supply data to their clients in the oil patch. 

“Enabling Domain experts to implement MapGuide Open is a key step in the democratization of GIS,” said Chris Webber, President of Pacific Alliance Technologies.  “iVAULT 2007 makes web mapping so flexible, easy and affordable that mapping can now be used as a reporting tool for financial, asset management and other information.”  The release of MapGuide as open source technology has resulted in both rapid technology advances and business innovation, both evident in this announcement. The DMSG Fusion technology in iVAULT 2007 integrates the latest Web 2.0 and AJAX techniques together with MapGuide Open. All of this is supported through DMSG Premiere – a unique support service that reaches beyond traditional proprietary web mapping maintenance agreements.  “This partnership allows for the integration of DMSG’s core strengths in developing and supporting open source web mapping technologies with Pacific Alliance’s unique understanding of their domain markets” said Dave McIlhagga, President of DMSG. “The result is a high quality solution specifically meeting Pacific Alliance’s customer and partner needs.”  This approach offers a level of “customer ownership” of enterprise software. Rather than facing complete dependence on software from a third party, or building everything from the ground up, this solution brings the benefits of ownership by having access to the source, along with commercial support to provide operational assurance.

About Pacific Alliance Technologies
Pacific Alliance Technologies (www.pat.ca) is a software solutions company focused on enterprise-wide mapping and design solutions, education and professional services.  One of the company’s main areas of expertise is web-based mapping for infrastructure and asset management.  Pacific Alliance is a leading provider of MapGuide solutions and has implemented some of the world’s largest web-based mapping systems.  Pacific Alliance supplies a majority of Western Canada’s Municipalities and Engineering Consultants with geospatial and infrastructural software, training, customization and support.

About DM Solutions Group
DM Solutions Group Inc. (www.dmsolutions.ca) is a leader in the open source Web Mapping community, the primary commercial supporter of MapServer – and a key contributor to MapGuide Open. Building on its open source success, DM Solutions Group focuses on commercial support for MapServer and MapGuide Open through DMSG Premiere, custom solutions delivery, a range of consulting and technical services, and value-added products and solutions for a broad range of users of open source Web Mapping technologies.

About iVAULT
iVAULT was originally developed in 1998 to help streamline the implementation and support of web mapping implementations for thousands of users at the BC Ministry of Forests, Telus Communications and Verizon Communications.   Today iVAULT 2007 is the fastest way to build and deploy powerful web-mapping applications that are flexible, easy and affordable.  Please refer to www.pat.ca/mapguide.htm for reference sites and more information.