Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association Centennial Logo Unveiled

November 10, 2006 – The Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association unveiled a bold logo to be used in conjunction with the Association’s 100th annual general meeting in 2009 in Banff.

“The centennial logo will be primarily blue and features a modern stylized one-zero-zero,” announced Dirk VandenBrink, president of the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association. “It also retains the core elements of the Association’s existing logo.”

The Association’s existing logo geometrically exhibits precision and professionalism. The outer square represents the survey system of Alberta; the segments represent the diversity of the surveying profession; the inner circle shows the eyepiece of a theodolite and crosshairs visible therein.

The Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association is planning a number of events in 2009 to coincide with its centennial celebrations. While many of the events are still in the planning stage, it is anticipated that the Association will unveil a statue of monument to honour land surveyors and recognize the accomplishments of the profession.

“Nearly one hundred years ago now, the Government of Alberta established the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association under legislation as a self-governing professional association to protect the interests of the public concerning land and boundary issues,” continued President VandenBrink.