WhiteStar Introduces Unlimited Grid Access (UGA) Product for Regional Mapping

Lakewood, Colo., 13 November 2006 – WhiteStar Corp. today introduced Unlimited Grid Access (UGA – pronounced Uggah!), a seamless digital mosaic of land survey and fitted county boundaries covering all public land survey states, Texas, and Offshore State and Federal Waters in the Gulf of Mexico. Precision hand-digitized from industry standard 1:24,000-scale USGS topographic maps over a period of 20 years, UGA was developed to provide flexibility to the oil and gas, pipeline, forestry, and insurance industries for mapping projects that span a few square miles or cover the entire nation. 

UGA is designed for organizations needing a township, range, and section map of – for example – southern Oklahoma on Thursday and then thirty counties of Texas grid to meet the requirements of a hot prospect on Friday. Companies need the flexibility to create accurate maps anywhere in the United States to immediately respond to time critical opportunities. In the past, customers purchased numerous small areas of interest and had great difficulty keeping track of what they had, expanding them to cover new areas, and not knowing whether the data had any recent updates

UGA is the basis for all foundational digital mapping including the construction of strategic land maps of ownership or leasehold positions, well locations and seismic data.  UGA overlays other WhiteStar products including scanned USGS topographic maps and one-meter orthophoto imagery. UGA allows users to “cookie cutter” an area of interest and then export the data into a variety of popular mapping formats, including ESRI format Shape Files, DXF, GeoGraphix, Petra, MapInfo and SMT Kingdom. In addition, the data can be projected into a variety of coordinate systems. UGA is also compatible with high-end well data and locations from IHS Energy.

WhiteStar includes regular quarterly updates as part of the UGA product and eliminates costly customer data management problems. Instead of trying to track the vintage and the location of “postage-stamp-sized areas” of previously purchased datasets, the customer has all of the latest update information for the nation available right at their fingertips.

“With UGA, all you have to do is open the file, select your area of interest, and you’re ready to use the land survey inside your mapping package,” said Robert White, President of WhiteStar.

UGA is a subscription product. For only $500 per month, clients can for the first time access more than 70,000 townships in the public land survey states and 307,000 abstracts in the Texas Land Survey and Gulf of Mexico State and Federal Waters. For details on an UGA subscription, call WhiteStar Customer Service at 1-800-736-MAPS.

About WhiteStar Corp.
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