SECO introduces a new adjustable tilt monument adapter

This new adapter is a perfect link between GPS antenna and mast

Redding, CA — SECO Manufacturing Company, Incorporated recently introduced an NGS-approved stainless steel monument adapter.

The adjustable tilt monument adapter (part no. 2072-30) has a 3.20-inch (8.19 cm) diameter and an overall height of 3.036 inches (7.71 cm).  It includes a removable brass 5/8-11 male stud that is adjustable in azimuth and held in location by two set screws. The adapter is leveled by three adjusting screws with a tilt range +/- 7 degrees. It has a height above the pivot point to the stud shoulder of 0.0350 meters. The height below the brass 5/8 stud to the shoulder is 0.463 inches (1.18 cm).

Its base fits standard US 1.5-inch pipe threads and is 1.125-inches deep. The axis height is engraved on the outside of the monument.

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