Prosurv Releases New Product for the Mobile Topographic Mapping Industry

November 8, 2006 – Clark, WY – Prosurv LLC is proud to announce a truly revolutionary product for the Mobile Topographic Mapping industry. First came USGS topographic maps on paper. Next came digital topographic maps available for use on the PC. Now, with Pocket Quads™ US Regional and State Editions, users have digital topographic maps with GPS positioning literally available at their fingertips. What makes Pocket Quads US Regional and State Editions so revolutionary is that, for the first time ever, all of the topographic maps for an entire Region or State are pre-loaded on 4GB SD Cards, ready for immediate use in the field. No PC is required. No downloading of maps from a PC or web site is needed…ever. Just insert the SD Card, install the Pocket Quads software (when prompted), and GO.
The correct map for a location is loaded automatically, based on the current GPS position. Pocket Quads US Regional Editions are available as Western, Central, or Eastern United States Editions. Each Regional Edition contains all of the 1:100,000 and 1:250,000 scale topographic maps for an entire Region, all on ONE 4GB SD Card. The Western US Regional Edition contains over 800 topographic maps covering 10 Western States all on a single 4GB SD Card. The Central Regional Edition covers 11 Central States, and the Eastern Regional Edition covers over 25 Eastern States.
With Pocket Quads Western US Regional Edition™, users can drive from Southern Arizona to Northern Montana, viewing their GPS position on the automatically changing topographic maps on the screen of their Windows Mobile device, without ever downloading a single map or even touching the screen.
With Pocket Quads US State Editions, in addition to the 100 and 250 thousand scale maps, users also get all of the 1:24,000 Scale USGS Topographic Maps for an entire State, on one or more 4GB SD Cards (depending on the size of the State). For example, the Pocket Quads Michigan Edition comes with two 4GB SD Cards, containing over 1300 topographic maps.
Each Regional and State Edition comes with the powerful, easy-to-use Pocket Quads software. Just hit ‘Start GPS’ and Pocket Quads automatically connects to your GPS Receiver. Pocket Quads list of features is extraordinary, and includes: Auto-map loading, based on your GPS position; Auto tracking of your location as you walk or drive; Auto GPS signal acquisition (com port & baud rate); Never worry about going “beyond the map”, since all of the maps for the entire State or Region are already on your SD Card; Switch between different scale maps (24,000 / 100,000 / 250,000) on the fly (without changing cards); Zoom in/out in real time; Record and Playback GPS routes (by time or distance); Enter & create waypoints by tapping the screen; Import/Export data; Navigate to points; Search the included USGS State databases by Feature Name and much more.
Not since the USGS introduced paper topographic maps to the public has there been a product this revolutionary in the industry. No PC’s. No CD’s. No downloads. Finally, one product does it all by giving you real-time GPS positioning on topographic maps on your mobile device in one complete package.
Pocket Quads Regional and State Editions are designed for use with the latest Windows Mobile Devices, including Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC’s and the ultra-ruggedized Archer by Juniper Systems. Pocket Quads US Regional and State Editions also support Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 2003SE (Second Edition) Devices. The SD Card automatically detects the operating system and installs the correct version of Pocket Quads.
To order, or to find out more about this revolutionary product, please visit our secure online store at, or call toll-free 1-888-647-9500.
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