Leica Geosystems Introduces DISTO™ A8 Handheld Laser Distance Meter for Outdoor or Indoor Measuring

(Norcross, Ga., 8 November 2006) Leica Geosystems today announced the introduction of the DISTO™ A8 for the most demanding indoor and outdoor measuring jobs.

The DISTO A8 is the first handheld laser distance measuring tool with a built-in digital viewfinder and tilt sensor.

The digital viewfinder provides three zoom levels and nine brightness settings, making it easy to aim at faraway objects. Even if the laser dot is too far away to be seen by the unaided eye, it’s easy to acquire the target with the crosshairs in the viewfinder.

The integrated tilt sensor makes it possible to measure an angle by using the housing of the DISTO or the laser beam as a basis. The DISTO A8 measures direct horizontal distances even when blocked by obstacles in the line of sight. It also permits the user to measure distances to objects that do not reflect the laser, such as the top of a mirrored-glass building.

Incorporating Leica Geosystems’ exclusive Power Range Technology, the DISTO A8 can take measurements with ±1.5mm (1/16 in.) accuracy out to 100m (329 ft.) without a target plate, and up to 200m (656 ft.) with a target plate. The multifunctional endpiece makes it easy to measure from edges or corners and the system automatically recognizes the point of reference. The rugged casing is splash-proof and dust-proof for reliable operation on outdoor construction jobs. 

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About the Measuring Tools Division
For fast and precise distance measurements, professional users trust the original handheld laser distance meters DISTO made by the Measuring Tools Division of Leica Geosystems. Leica DISTOs are available in a wide variety of models and are used by almost one million professionals worldwide: craftsmen, architects, realtors and many others. They all benefit from the speed and accuracy of these handy laser distance meters. At the press of a button, the Leica DISTO helps you to save time and increases your productivity.

For inquiries, contact Leica DISTO online at www.disto.com.