MultiVision USA Expands Market Share to 10 Percent in 18 Months

Orlando, Fla., 27 October 2006 – In only 18 months, MultiVision USA has captured 10 percent of the U.S. market for oblique aerial imagery. A subsidiary of Greenman-Pedersen Inc., MultiVision USA utilizes an advanced aerial imaging system to acquire high-resolution oblique imagery for use in Property Assessment, Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue, Emergency Management and other applications that benefit from multi-perspective and 3D viewing capabilities.

“MultiVision USA has raised the bar for oblique aerial imagery products, and the market has responded favorably to the choices in vendors and products it now enjoys,” said George Donatello, CMS, a consultant to the property assessment industry, and past-president of the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO). “It is a testament to MultiVision USA’s advanced technology and excellent customer service that its market share has grown so significantly in such a short period of time.”

In just the past two months, MultiVision USA has signed contracts to acquire oblique imagery at four-inch pixel size for several additional counties, including Cass County, Mo., Pasco County, Fla., and Sedgwick County, Kan. Property appraisers and assessors are currently the primary end users of MultiVision USA products, citing the quality of the imagery and ease of use of the complementary 3D viewing software. Law enforcement and emergency services personnel are the second largest, and most rapidly growing, users of MultiVision USA technology.

MultiVision software integrates oblique and nadir aerial photos into a single database and provides onscreen tools to measure vertical and horizontal structures, such as building facades, backyard patios and terrain features from any angle or direction. Unique 3D modeling capabilities enable users to extract any building structure from the imagery and view it from any angle or perspective. The software works directly with all GIS-based applications, including ESRI ArcScene, allowing for the importing and exporting of additional data layers without third-party software.

“Clients in county and municipal government markets have been turning to MultiVision USA to meet their oblique imagery needs in part due to our flexible data ownership terms,” said Dave Ledgerwood, MultiVision USA President. “Our licensing agreements make it very simple for city and county departments to pool their funds and share the MultiVision imagery and software for use in a variety of applications, getting a favorable return on investment for taxpayers.”

About MultiVision USA
The MultiVision imagery database and software provide several advantages over other oblique aerial products. MultiVision processing technology registers the oblique images to standard orthophotography to create a multi-dimensional viewing environment in the customer’s GIS coordinate system, resulting in accurate feature identification and measurement. In addition, the MultiVision software provides easy-to-use 3D modeling functionality. Perhaps most importantly, MultiVision clients own the imagery they purchase from MultiVision USA.