Introducing the DC50 Data Collector

The 48x Legacy Is Reborn with the HP50g and DC50

Mount Sterling, OH – Sept 20th, 2006 – Precision Surveyings Solutions announced today the DC50, a highly anticipated data collector based on HP’s beloved line of scientific graphing calculators. For more than a decade the HP48x series dominated surveyor data collection with well over 100,000 units sold to surveyors until its discontinuance in 2003. Yesterday, in a separate press release, Hewlett Packard announced the HP50g scientific graphing calculator, the result of a long standing collaborative relationship with Precision Surveying Solutions in the design process. The HP50g has the quality of the 48X series with modern updates that include a larger screen, serial and USB connectivity, an SD card slot, a faster processor, and more memory. Precision’s DC50 is based on the HP50g, and has been tested with all major brands of total stations. The DC50 has an intuitive graphical interface and direct keyboard
access for all field work functions.

According to Precision’s President, Adam Robertson, “The DC50 is the culmination of over 20,000 hours of field testing. A carefully designed interface frees surveyors from cumbersome menu driven data collection and radically increase productivity. Advanced patent pending software technology with integrated radios, bracket-less pole attachment, and HP’s legendary quality sets a new standard for data collection. The DC50 is the best value of any data collector on the market. We guarantee you will be happy with this world class

Surveyors around the world are applauding the new product. Luiz, a University surveying instructor from Brazil stated, "I think that the DC50 represents the best cost-benefit solution, being a low-cost, highly accurate, reliable instrument and it will surely allow quicker results." Field tests have found that the two most common surveying operations, stakeout and collecting points can be done 40% faster with the DC50 than with other leading data collectors. The DC50 is weather-proof, lightweight, virtually indestructible, uses standard AA batteries that last over 72 hours, CAD compatible, boasts the best screen visibility in the industry, and has optional 2000 ft range internal radios for wireless bluetooth connectivity. The DC50 shipments will start in early October, attractively priced at $1495.

About Precision
Precision Surveying Solutions LLC makes instrumentation for land surveyors and civil engineers. DC50 software and hardware include patent pending technology to make a surveyors’ work move faster. For more information on the company and their products, see