MultiVision USA Delivers High-Resolution Oblique Imagery to Mid-America Regional Council

Orlando, Fla., 19 September 2006 – MultiVision USA, a provider of high-resolution oblique imagery and 3D viewing software, has delivered oblique images of Cass County, Mo., along with viewing software to the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), a non-governmental agency that supports seven Missouri and Kansas counties in the greater Kansas City area. Cass County is using the multi-perspective imagery and software for property assessment and other purposes.

"We saw how well MultiVision integrates with ESRI products, particularly the ArcGIS suite of mapping software," said Craig Arnold, Support Specialist for the Cass County Commission, a MARC member. "That capability is very exciting to us. We had new oblique imagery flown of our growing county, and it has proven very useful and user friendly."

MultiVision USA utilizes an advanced aerial imaging system to acquire high-resolution oblique imagery for use in Property Assessment, Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue, Emergency Management and other applications that benefit from multi-perspective and 3D viewing capabilities.

"This was an ideal application for MultiVision imagery and viewing software," said Dave Ledgerwood, president of MultiVision USA. "MARC was already using ESRI products, and the member counties were able to pool their resources to obtain the imagery and software, sharing the cost and providing invaluable information to make the assessors’ jobs easier."

MultiVision USA’s high-resolution oblique imagery database provides quick access to visual information that is useful in a variety of applications, including property tax assessment. MultiVision’s advanced Oblique Imagery Database provides multi-dimensional viewing, helping assessors determine whether changes – such as building additions – have been made to the property.

With Cass County ready to conduct a property tax assessment review, the county’s appraisers have been given laptops with access to the MultiVision imagery files. They can drive to an area to review assessed property values and pull up imagery of the homes they are reviewing. Then they can compare what they see, what’s in the imagery files and what is written on the assessor records from the last assessment, and amend the data accordingly.

"It has also helped our field assessors become significantly more efficient," Arnold added.

According to Arnold, the MultiVision imagery and viewing software have also proven valuable when a taxpayer wants to see a particular piece of property. "We just click the MultiVision button, and get four views of the home from each point on the compass," he said. Imagery of the home can be enlarged, and the MultiVision software can be used to measure property features from any perspective.

MultiVision software integrates oblique and nadir aerial photos into a single database and provides onscreen tools to manipulate and measure vertical and horizontal structures, such as building facades, backyard patios, and terrain features, from any angle or direction. The software works directly with all GIS-based applications, allowing for the importing and exporting of additional data layers without third-party software.

About MultiVision USA
The MultiVision imagery database and software provide several advantages over other oblique aerial products. MultiVision processing technology registers the oblique images to standard orthophotography to create a multi-dimensional viewing environment in the end user’s chosen coordinate system, resulting in accurate feature identification, navigation and measurement. In addition, the MultiVision software provides easy-to-use 3D modeling functionality. Perhaps most importantly, MultiVision clients own the imagery they purchase from MultiVision USA.

About MARC
The Mid-America Regional Council, commonly referred to as MARC, serves as the association of city and county governments and the metropolitan planning organization for the bi-state Kansas City region. MARC seeks to build a stronger regional community through cooperation, leadership and planning. MARC’s Board of Directors consists of 30 locally elected leaders representing the eight counties and 116 cities in the region. MARC plays an active leadership role in strengthening the metropolitan community by providing a forum for addressing regional objectives and diverse community issues; long-range planning and public policy coordination; and technical assistance and services to enhance the effectiveness of local government.

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