Topcon's RE-S1 Radio Increases Operation Range

Spread spectrum technology interference-free

Livermore, CA — A spread spectrum GPS radio extension system – the RE-S1 – that does not require federal licensing and dramatically increases operation range for Topcon Positioning Systems’ (TPS) new GR-3 and other compatible GPS receiving systems is now available.  Spread spectrum radio technology operates across a range of special frequencies simultaneously, and is virtually interference-free. 

The one-watt 915+ radio system can be utilized as a stand-alone repeater to increase range between base and rover for the GR-3 and compatible HiPer Lite+ systems. In addition, it can be used as a transmit/receive radio for other Topcon receivers, including the GB or Legacy series.

The range of radio signals can be adversely affected by job site obstructions – structures, foliage, or terrain. By using the RE-S1 as a repeater, the effect of local obstructions can be diminished and operational range of the RTK GPS system increased.

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