GlobeXplorer® Imagery Now Inside ESRI’s newest ArcWeb Services and ArcGIS Explorer Products

ESRI International User Conference, San Diego, CA (August 7, 2006) – GlobeXplorer’s high-speed, tiled aerial and satellite imagery Web service is now available inside ESRI’s ArcWeb Services Explorer.  It will also be available with the release of ESRI’s new ArcGIS Explorer. Both products feature free access to select portions of GlobeXplorer’s global content with an upgrade path to using ArcWeb Services with GlobeXplorer’s Premium imagery, which includes the “latest and greatest” of its industry-leading online image library.

GlobeXplorer’s earth imagery is a key ingredient inside ArcWeb Services Explorer, a Flash-based Web application (and API–application program interface) allowing for easy, Web-based viewing of geographic data. Select portions of GlobeXplorer’s archive will also be available for free inside the new ArcGIS Explorer, a geospatial information viewer powered by ArcGIS Server offering fast, creative ways to map the world in 2D and 3D using the same high-speed “pan and grab” technology.

For users demanding a more robust, current imagery data set for these applications, ArcWeb Service using GlobeXplorer Premium Imagery can easily be accessed. The Premium collection includes the latest data from providers like AirPhotoUSA®, DigitalGlobe®, Sanborn, EarthSat, USGS, USDA, and many other private and public sources.

ESRI and GlobeXplorer have already worked together to power National Geographic’s MapMachine Web portal. GlobeXplorer also offers its services inside its own Web viewers and desktop mapping extensions.

“GlobeXplorer is honored to play an important role in ESRI’s next-generation online products” said Rob Shanks, GlobeXplorer’s President and CEO. “ESRI shares our vision to make high-quality spatial information easy to access and work with.”

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