Maptech Adds Aerial Land Photos to Pocket Navigator Software for Pocket PCs

USGS Topographic Maps and Land Photos – Be Mobile from Office to Field –GPS Ready

Maptech (Amesbury, Mass) — Pocket Navigator software displays Maptech Terrain Navigator Pro topographic maps and aerial land photos on Pocket PC handhelds. Connect a GPS receiver and see your position right on the screen. A key Maptech advantage is the map quality. Instead of the usual maps found on typical GPS receivers you can now see highly detailed USGS topographic maps and aerial photos that professionals and serious outdoor enthusiasts demand.

Pocket Navigator retails for $49.95 and Terrain Navigator Pro is $299.95 per state/region. You can add a wireless GPS receiver to a Bluetooth-enabled Pocket PCs for $100 and create a low-cost, advanced GPS mapping system—software, maps, and GPS—all for around $450. All products are available direct from Maptech at

USGS Topo Maps and Aerial Land Photos:
Transfer USGS Topo Maps and Aerial Photos from Terrain Navigator Pro to your computer and from there to a Pocket PC using Pocket Navigator software. The result is a highly detailed moving-map display.

Connect a GPS to your Pocket PC:
Pocket PC handhelds have bright touch screens that display maps in full color. Connect a GPS receiver to a handheld, and you have a low cost, mobile moving map display showing your location on detailed maps and photos. If your Pocket PC is Bluetooth-enabled a great solution is to use a wireless GPS.

Smartphones and Pocket Navigator:
Smartphones running Windows Mobile 2003 or Mobile 5 with Pocket Navigator can transfer the maps from a laptop or desktop computer to their phone.

Key Navigation Features:
• Printing: Print sections of the maps with or without overlays or the entire map as seen on the computer or Pocket PC.
• Marks Planning Tool: Adding Marks is as easy as clicking on the screen.
• Routes: Create routes by tapping right on the screen. The Route Properties window displays range and bearing information for each waypoint you’ve created.
• “Go To” Navigation Arrow: Whenever you are "going to" a mark, a navigation window appears. The arrow, range and bearing will continually update until you reach your destination.
• Tracks: See Where You’ve Been: Track lines will show where you’ve been on the map. Track properties will display total time, distance and speed. If your track forms an enclosure, the area will also display.
• See the Pocket Navigator Tour: Go to

System requirements: Pocket Navigator 5.1.2:
Pocket PC OS 2002 to Mobile 5; 4MB of free memory; Active Sync 3.0 (or higher); additional storage for charts, maps, and photos. Desktop software requires Windows 2000 or XP; Pentium processor; 32 MB of RAM; 8 MB free on hard drive for installation; mouse or drawing equivalent. 

Price/Ordering Information:
Pocket Navigator sells for $49.95. Maptech topographic maps and charts are sold separately. Call Maptech at 888-839-5551 or visit the web at