Topcon Announces Upgrades for TopSURV, Topcon Tools


Livermore, CA –The latest release of TopSURV field controller and Topcon Tools software from Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) offers a multitude of new features and expanded functions to expedite data collection and integration operations.

The new TopSURV Version 6.04 software includes:
• New Contractor module designed specifically for contractors that is upgradeable;
• Unique topographical grid function;
• Improved digital level support; and
• Topcon Link PC software.

“TopSURV’s powerful user interface allows field tasks to be completed faster and easier than ever before,” said Jason Killpack, Topcon product marketing manager. “TopSURV is the perfect complement to Topcon instrumentation and GPS+ hardware,” he said.

“The new version includes a stand-alone Contractor Module that gives the user entry-level software to perform topographical measurements needed for estimation, stakeout and calculations needed on the job site.  If the user needs higher functions in the future, an upgrade path is provided.”

Topcon Link PC software utility is included with TopSURV, providing “foolproof integration with a user’s current office software,” Killpack said. “The new release also offers expanded import and export functions for Autodesk.”

Topcon Tools Version 6.04 post-processing software has multiple new features including:
• New digital imaging module that supports 3D coordinate calculation in the office with just the click of a mouse on a digital image;
• Expanded features in the design module including DTM edits, advanced layer control, 3D model viewer, and more road design formats and flexibility;
• Advanced processing module adds increased functionality and automated interactive blunder detection wizard;
• Additional background images are now supported; and
• Expanded import and export for Autodesk.

Killpack said, “Topcon Tools software provides an intuitive operator interface that is easy to learn and use.  We have taken our customer feedback and tried to implement features and functions that they have requested from the field.”

Data automation features “help our customers through the different processing activities needed for different data sets, all in one desktop software solution,” Killpack said. “That saves time on the job site and in the office, which means higher productivity and that keeps more money on a company’s bottom line.”   

TopSURV and Topcon Tools upgrades for version 6.04 can be downloaded free by existing users of Topcon software at the Topcon Positioning Systems website:

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