The American Surveyor Magazine – July/August 2006, Vol.3 No.5 – Table of Contents


Guest Editorial: Relative Positional Accuracy
Columnist Kent addresses the continuing confusion over this requirement for ALTA/ACSM surveys.
By Gary Kent, LS


Point to Point: Survey Record Indices
Continuing with the theme of valuing a survey business, our Associate Editor stresses the importance of indexing survey records.
By Joel Leininger, LS


Ten Quintillion Grains of Sand: RTK GPS Positioning Guides Construction of “The World”
Dubai creates a 60-square-kilometer fantasy archipelago.
By Paul Haase


Surveyors Report: Tomorrow’s Surveyors
How to attract the next generation of surveyors? A young licensed surveyor speaks up.
By Christopher N. Ambourn, LS


Surveyors Report: The “Trust Me” Syndrome
A Washington surveyor discusses the need for adequate information on the maps we prepare.
By C.E. “Chuck” Whitten, LS


QA/QC: Quality Assurance in Surveying & Mapping, Part 2
Success doesn’t just happen. Here are five steps to help you attain it!
By Fred Henstridge, LS


Explorers, Surveyors & Mappers
The interrelationships of footsteps and deeds rule surveying today.
By Marc S. Cheves, LS


ProFile: John Matonich of Rowe Incorporated
An active volunteer at the local, state, and national level, this Michigan native is known for “surveyin’ da situation.”
By Marc S. Cheves, LS


Software Review: Transform for Windows
This adjustment software is designed to reduce the time spent analyzing prior surveys and improve the defensibility of work products.
By Mary Ann Corcoran, LS


Test Yourself:
Combination Horizontal & Vertical Curves
By Richard L. Elgin, PhD, LS, PE
Problem | Solution


Vantage Point: Wired . . . for Notice?
How electronic notification is changing the way we do business.
By Wendy Lathrop, LS, CFM