Wobble Light® Outshines Competition in Providing Durable, Safe Lighting Alternative

Arlington Heights, Illinois – June 2006 – A new industrial lighting unit provides the ultimate solution for tradesmen seeking to replace tripod-mounted work lights that require time-consuming setup and can easily tip over and break.  The virtually indestructible three-foot tall Wobble Light is the only 360-degree, self-righting work light that can take any form of abuse and bounce right back.

With the tripod lights, tradesmen face several obstacles, according to Gary Nuttal, regional manager, Acme Construction Supply, Portland, Ore. Besides durability issues, tripod lights become hot to the touch and can cause severe burns, or the shattering bulbs can result in fire or abrasions. Nuttal added that the tripod lights are directional only, and can be time-consuming when adjusting the lights on the job.

By contrast, the 27-pound Wobble Light sits on a rounded, counter-weighted base that keeps it upright no matter how many bangs or bumps it receives. A polycarbonate dome and floating shock system protect the bulb from jarring and strikes, and the unit’s internal ventilation system ensures that the unit stays cool to the touch.

Suited for use in many applications, including electrical, plumbing and HVAC installation and maintenance, a single unit Wobble Light can illuminate areas from 20 feet to 110 feet in diameter.

“We were skeptical of the durability of the Wobble Light at first,” said Mike Sopala, store manager, Berland’s House of Tools, Palatine, Ill., “so we hit it with a two-by-four one day while the unit was turned off. The dome hit the ground, but then bounced right back up. We then plugged it in, and it lit right up. If it can take that type of abuse, it can withstand anything on the job.”

Wobble Lights Are Versatile, Made for Large or Small Jobs
The jobsite benefits of the Wobble Light have been confirmed by thousands of users who enjoy the durability and the high light, low heat output. A built-in handle allows users to easily drag the light from one place to another. The unit also has a separate power outlet built right into the base, which allows users to plug in a power tool or daisy-chain several Wobble Lights together to illuminate a larger area.

The Wobble Light is available in four different models with lighting ranges of up to 1,000 square feet. Users choose the Wobble Light that is right for them based on the light output they need. The most popular lines have metal halide bulbs, and are mainly used by tradesmen working on new construction or remodeling projects. The metal halide Wobble Lights come in 175W, 250W or 400W models.

Users in need of a light source in or near a home usually choose the 120W fluorescent model, which provides sufficient light for painting a living room or working in the garage. The suggested retail price of a Wobble Light ranges from $150 to $250.

Wobble Light is manufactured by Petersen Brands® LLC. For more information, call 847-577-3720 or go to www.wobblelight.com.

About Petersen Brands
Petersen Brands LLC manufactures and markets innovative products that are recognized by users for their high value and unparalleled benefits. Our products are sold by leading retailers, distributors and wholesalers in the tool, automotive, construction and electrical industries. Among our trusted and segment-leading brands are Wobble Light® lighting systems and Slide Sledge® high impact tools. To learn more about our company, which celebrates originality, initiative and entrepreneurship, visit us at www.petersenbrands.com/wobblelight.