BAE Systems’ New Geo-Exploitation Software Supports Homeland Defense, Military Intelligence Missions

San Diego – June 5, 2006 – A new version of BAE Systems’ SOCET GXP™ software has added tools for image analysis, geospatial analysis, 3D simulation, and targeting — applications that will be particularly helpful for homeland defense or military intelligence missions.

SOCET GXP v2.2 establishes greater situational awareness for users engaged in disaster relief and recovery, humanitarian efforts, reconnaissance, battle-damage assessment, and surveillance missions.

Military analysts can use the new BAE Systems software to process, analyze, and deliver high-resolution digital imagery derived from airborne and satellite sensors. That imagery can now be labeled with detailed notes to provide actionable intelligence to first responders, decision-makers, and others across secure networks.

“These new features give pilots and ground crews the best tools on the market today to build professional image maps, kneeboard products, and mission folders — and in a fraction of the time needed for today’s traditional applications,” said Eric Bruce, BAE Systems’ product manager for Geospatial eXploitation Products. Bruce, a former Air Force intelligence analyst, added, “From my experience in the field, I know how important it is to have the capability to communicate up-to-the-minute details that are critical to successful operations.”

The software processes data from a variety of image sources and creates image products that can be compressed and saved in multiple formats. Data and reports can be immediately e-mailed and accessed from mobile laptop computers, relay stations, and ground control centers.

SOCET GXP is available on both UNIX® and Windows® platforms. For more information:

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