A Poor Driving Record Handicaps Students Seeking Summer Employment

June 12, 2006 – “Students looking for summer employment in the energy sector need to know that their driving record may determine whether they are hired or not,” say Dirk VandenBrink, President of the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association.

“It used to be that people were hired on the basis of experience, education and their ability to do the job. While those are still important, employers now have to consider a potential employee’s driving record,” adds VandenBrink.
Insurance costs are the issue. Energy firms facing increasing insurance costs are becoming more and more restrictive as to who they will permit to work on oil and gas projects. Most companies working in the oil and gas service sector need employees who can drive because the work is done in the field and not in an office.
Accordingly, many companies are requiring a driving abstract as part of the employment application and a poor driving record can quickly result in a loss of employment opportunity. In most cases, an impaired driving conviction or other suspension will result in the immediate rejection of a job application regardless of the applicant’s educational or other qualifications.
“Land surveyors want to hire students. Typically students are a key component of our summer workforce; but, we can’t afford to, if they have a bad driving record,” says VandenBrink. “In most cases the companies that provide insurance want to know the driving record of all employees and insurance premiums are based upon that review. Having people with poor driving records on staff may result in extremely high insurance premiums or a company many not be permitted on some jobs at all.”

“Although a good driving record is important for anyone looking for work, it is particularly important for young people. A poor driving record may mean a student’s ability to work within his chosen profession is impaired. I urge students to think about the impact of things they do outside the classroom because those activities can have a bearing on their career as significant as the degree they receive,” concludes VandenBrink.

About ALSA
The Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association, formed in 1910, is a self-governing professional association legislated under the Land Surveyors Act.  The Association regulated the practice of land surveying in Alberta for the protection of the public and administration of the profession. The Alberta land Surveyors’ Association provides this article as a public service.