Byers Engineering Company Announces A New Release of Its Popular Map Viewer™ Application

Atlanta, GA — May 23, 2006 — Byers SpatialAge® Solutions Division today announced significant enhancements to its popular Map Viewer™ application. Map Viewer Version 8.3 is now available and sets new industry standards in AM/FM/GIS viewing technology. The upgraded software provides the functionality to support installation and maintenance, engineering, planning, field capture, and spatial analysis applications at a cost of up to 50-60 percent less than other currently available, comparable products.

“The enhancements in Map Viewer 8.3 takes accessing mapping records in the field to a whole new level” says Ray Newman, Vice President of Software Development at Byers Engineering Company’s SpatialAge Solutions Division.  “We continue to raise the bar on viewing applications in the industry.  Map Viewer doesn’t just allow users to view their data, but enables them to analyze facilities, integrate with mobile dispatch, AVL, assignment, and CIS systems, as well capture field notes and record corrections along with real world locations when using an integrated GPS device.”

Byers Map Viewer Version 8.3 includes important enhancements to the application including an Auto Update Service, Bold Highlighting, dynamic location data display, and an Integrated Geocoding Service.  Map Viewer’s Auto Update Service eliminates the need for manually updating Map Viewer data files via copying or burning of CD-ROMs. This service enables administrators to configure Map Viewer clients to automatically and incrementally update the local files from a specified source server file on a user defined schedule.  This new feature of Map Viewer eases the operation of keeping multiple dispersed Map Viewer clients updated with the latest facility data for disconnected field users. Map Viewer’s Bold Highlighting feature allows for highlighted features to be displayed in a bold weight aiding the ability for mobile users to distinguish highlighted features in outdoor lighting conditions. Dynamic location data display provides the ability to display frequently changing data in real time, such as current truck locations, trouble reports, lightening strikes, etc. In addition, Map Viewer’s Integrated Geocoding Service allows users, when the client is connected to the Internet, to enter an address and map the location on the facility maps.

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