BAE Systems’ Latest SOCET SET® Software Streamlines Processing, Improves Productivity

San Diego – BAE Systems has released the latest version of its SOCET SET® geospatial analysis and photogrammetry software. SOCET SET is used worldwide to measure and map geographic information based on aerial and satellite imagery. 
The new software, SOCET SET v5.3, introduces optimized workflows that reduce manual input and processing times, and improve overall productivity. 
“These new capabilities are the direct result of feedback and requests from users,” said Kevin Malone, BAE Systems’ vice president and general manager of Geospatial eXploitation Products (GXP). The new release includes automated features that reduce errors, increase accuracy, and streamline workflow processes — all integral to daily workflows and beneficial to users because they offer built-in quality checkpoints. In addition, SOCET SET v5.3 offers sophisticated sensor models to import and process imagery.
“Our geospatial research and development is supported by more than 40 BAE Systems engineers who are experts in various aspects of the geospatial domain,” Malone said. The engineers focus on algorithmic automation, capabilities for new or evolving data products, data fusion and visualization, real-time precise geo-registration, rigorous sensor modelling, and geospatial Web services.
SOCET SET is a commercial, off-the-shelf software product. It can be used in a variety of disciplines that require precise geographic information such as topographic mapping, transportation, urban planning, natural resources management, telecommunications, disaster relief, homeland security, defense, and the planetary sciences. 
The software allows private-sector and government customers worldwide to make digital terrain models, image maps, visualizations, Geographic Information System databases, and more from a wide range of airborne and satellite imagery. The data collected and produced by SOCET SET can be exported in various formats for end-users, or for input to other applications. 
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