National Geographic Maps’ Launches TOPO! Pro Product Line

Extensive Line of Professional Products Provides Mapping Solutions to Broad Range of Industries

Washington, D.C. — National Geographic Maps has developed an extensive line of TOPO! Pro products that provides simple and effective GIS-based mapping solutions enabling emergency response teams, city planners, fire fighters, health professionals, municipal, county, state and federal governments and others to make effective and efficient decisions based on graphical descriptions of precise points in time and space. National Geographic’s TOPO! Pro products combine National Geographic Atlas maps with award-winning TOPO! software to create versatile, affordable solutions for organizations that need GIS-based information.

The TOPO! Pro series includes Asset Pro, Data Exchange Pro, Field Pro, Fire Pro, TOPO! 2 Shape Pro, Vector Pro, Xport Pro, Pro Suite for ArcGIS and TOPO! map datasets. Each product is designed to be easily implemented, and all are equipped with functionality that allows them to stand alone or complement and enhance existing GIS information.

TOPO! Pro products are available through select dealers or by phone at (800) 962-1643, ext. 101. More information on each of the products is also available online at

TOPO! Asset Pro is a public-works management system that utilizes standard desktop Web browser functionality to enable users to tie maps to spatial information. Asset Pro can show a map, look up the history of asset inspection and maintenance, instantly update tasks conducted in the field and link to online documents or to “living” floor plans of buildings.

Asset Pro can be used as a stand-alone asset management system or as a wireless applications gateway to push existing data to the Web. This approach enables existing databases to go wireless with minimum effort.

Mobile work forces such as maintenance personnel can receive and respond to work orders and query assets or environmental information.

Asset Pro has been created in line with the International Infrastructure Management guidelines, providing functions such as works management, resource bookings, reporting, in-field data capture and field inspections, using a simple and effective user interface.

Inspired by the need for real-time communication of mapping intelligence to assist in emergency response, TOPO! Data Exchange Pro gives users the ability to rapidly transfer and update visual map data using Publication and Subscription Agent technology. TOPO! Data Exchange Pro helps gather information on disaster-related intelligence, including fire extents, active fire fronts, endangered habitats, archaeological sites and other dynamic events. This information is easily identified and exchanged between the field and the control center.

TOPO! Field Pro is an innovative PDA-based system that supports synchronized data between the field and office. Utilizing National Geographic’s TOPO! software, TOPO! Field Pro provides a complete solution for digitally recording inspection, maintenance and compliance in the field. Some examples of field recording activity that can be supported by TOPO! Field Pro are vegetation, property inspections, health, utility assets, water quality, traffic control assets, golf courses, drainage and waste water. TOPO! Field Pro can also interface with other devices, including digital cameras, GPS and blue tooth peripherals.

TOPO! Fire Pro optimizes the process of capturing and sharing real-time urban and wildland fire information. Deployable in the field, the air or the office, TOPO! Fire Pro can quickly and accurately record fire boundaries. Users can generate elevation profiles, attach photos, notes, digital video and Web links, and customize maps with unique symbology, icons and line styles.

TOPO! Fire Pro also includes a “Search for Nearest” feature that enables users to locate essential services and get distance and bearing information for landing strips, water resources, hospitals and other land-based assets and features.

TOPO! Vector Pro optimizes the process of capturing and sharing vector control information. For example, by using TOPO! Vector Pro, health professionals can locate and track the transmission of diseases, toxins and other threats. Users can capture and accurately record vector locations and current conditions, and can customize maps with symbology, icons and line styles to identify vectors such as West Nile Virus, bees, mosquitoes and more. TOPO! Vector Pro also maps breeding zones and records spray and other control activities.

TOPO! 2 Shape Pro is a powerful conversion tool that enables users to export spatial intelligence stored in a TOPO! project and translates it to the ESRI GIS environment in seconds. Users can interface the TOPO! dataset with GPS units, attach digital photos and notes to points of interest, map freehand routes and plan field projects.

TOPO! Professional Suite for ArcGIS efficiently creates tailored topographic maps for use in ESRI ArcGIS projects. This premier solution combines three distinct products — TOPO! Image Support, TOPO! for ArcGIS Multi-layer Edition and TOPO! Xport Pro — and allows users to quickly import the highest-quality USGS topographic maps, hillshading and digital elevation models (DEMs) into existing projects.

TOPO! Professional Suite for ArcGIS minimizes the time spent on image processing, reduces user error and streamlines workflow, resulting in improved efficiency and significant time savings for GIS users. With functionality incorporated directly into the ArcGIS toolbar, users will no longer have to endure the repetitive tasks associated with importing and managing multiple data files. All TOPO! data layers are stored un-projected and are referenced to Geographic NAD83, enabling ArcGIS to display them in any map projection.

TOPO! Xport Pro enables users to add seamless topographic maps to any software that supports standard raster file formats. The maps are actual USGS quads that have been georeferenced and enhanced with up-to-date streets and roads and 3-D hill shading, providing immediate context for other geospatial information, and are ideal for reports and presentations or for use in the field. TOPO! Xport Pro is compatible with a wide range of spatially enabled software, including products from Autodesk, ESRI, Microsoft, Microstation, Intergraph, MapInfo and more.

TOPO! State Series datasets allow users to integrate seamless USGS 1:24,000-scale maps into any project and to customize maps to suit their needs. Organized by state or region, TOPO! data sets provide the most detailed, trusted backdrop to GIS data, with a complete, updated set of USGS maps for any state in the United States.

National Geographic Maps employs 60 full-time cartographers, who produce four map supplements and about 100 page maps a year for National Geographic magazine, the official journal of the Society. NG Maps also produces maps for the Society’s other magazines, National Geographic Books (including the Society’s signature “Atlas of the World”), National Geographic Television & Film, (both the Web site and CD-ROM products) and the Society’s educational products. In addition, NG Maps produces Trails Illustrated maps, TOPO! digital maps, globes, wall maps, reference maps, state maps, city and recreational destination maps, and atlases. Maps are available to members and the public. For more information and to purchase NG Map products, log on to