Thales Z-Max.Net GPS Receiver Offers Performance, Flexibility and New Network Communications

Next-generation Z-Max Survey System Provides NTRIP, GPRS and RTCM V3.0 Network Communication.

San Dimas, Calif., May 5, 2006 – Thales has introduced Z-Max.Net, a next-generation, network-capable GPS receiver system for boundary, topographic and construction surveys.  Z-Max.Net offers surveyors expanded communications capabilities, simplicity of operation, the best RTK performance in the industry and flexibility to meet the widest range of tasks possible by a survey system in this class. Z-Max.Net provides NTRIP, GPRS and RTCM V3.0 network communication.

“We’ve built the new Z-Max.Net to provide surveyors with a network-capable GPS receiver that is fast, accurate — modular to meet specific needs while not incurring extra cost — and adaptable to the most up-to-date communication methods,” said Francois Erceau, general manager of the Thales survey and GIS business.

Survey with Added Freedom
Z-Max.Net is the most flexible GPS surveying system available, offering multiple operating modes, configurations and communication protocols. The innovative design offers comfort and ease-of-use. Detachable modules make configuration changes and system upgrades simple. Unique embedded intuitive keyboard and a high-quality Bluetooth® wireless color touchscreen field terminal enable surveyors to survey with added freedom and simplicity.

Survey Your Way
Z-Max.Net offers the advantages of the latest data communication standards to let surveyors benefit from higher performance and lower cost of access to differential data for RTK surveying.

Z-Max.Net can function in every mode of operation, RTK or post processing, as a base or rover, and also in a VRS or FKP network.  This comprehensive set of modes enables surveyors to employ Z-Max.Net across a wider range of uses and field conditions than with any other survey system of its kind.

As a standard feature, Z-Max.Net offers free wide data format compatibility, including RTCM V2.X, CMR, CMR+, DBEN, DSNP, RTCM V3.0 and NTRIP, and is easy to integrate with other equipment. Z-Max.Net can easily be adapted to meet a wide variety of local conditions by communicating using Pacific Crest UHF, Thales UHF, GSM, or a unique combined UHF and GSM/GPRS module. For enhanced coverage in North America Z-Max.Net also features a new internal modem to provide full coverage of the GSM/GPRS bands from 850 through 1900 MHz.

Strong RTK Dramatically Decreases Collection Time
Z-Max.Net delivers the strongest RTK in the market. A combination of unique technologies from Thales enables surveyors to save time and maximize profit. Z-Max.Net offers two-second initialization, extended operation up to 50 km (30 miles), and cuts static data collection time dramatically. Powered by state of the art technologies, Z-Max.Net ensures exceptional RTK coverage and data confidence even in difficult environments.

All-in-One Surveying Solution
Z-Max.Net offers field and office efficiency because it includes a fully-integrated field terminal and an office software solution. Combined with a MobileMapper™ CE data controller, Z-Max.Net is the only survey system on the market to include an additional handheld GPS for multiple application needs (GIS, navigation and more).

FAST Survey™ field software, is designed to optimize the functionality and performance of the Z-Max.Net GPS system, and to simplify data collection and real-time operation for topography and construction.

The comprehensive office software package, GNSS Solutions™, includes all of the tools required to successfully process GPS, GLONASS and SBAS survey data. Focusing on simplicity, the software guides surveyors through mission preparation planning, processing, quality control, reporting and data exporting.

Current Z-Max owners can upgrade for free at the Thales Navigation FTP site at starting at the end of May.

About Thales
Thales is a leading international electronics and systems group serving defense, aerospace, security and services markets. The Group employs 60,000 people throughout the world and generated revenues of 10.3 billion Euros in 2005.

Thales’ navigation business is a global innovator of navigation and positioning solutions. The company markets its Magellan brand GPS products in vehicle navigation and outdoor markets, and its professional GPS and GNSS solutions in the survey, GIS/Mapping, and OEM markets that include consumer electronics, automotive navigation and high-precision applications.

Through its joint venture with Hertz, Thales Navigation has developed the Hertz NeverLost® vehicle navigation system.

Thales’ navigation business is headquartered in San Dimas, Calif., with European headquarters in Carquefou, France. For more information, visit