Tensing USA Becomes a Safe Software Technology Partner

Germantown, Maryland, USA, 3 May 2006 — Tensing USA announced today that it has been named a Technology Partner by Safe Software, a leading provider of extract, transform and load (ETL) tools for spatial data. As a Technology Partner, Tensing USA is able to integrate Safe Software products, including its popular Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) suite of ETL tools, into the full line of Tensing Mobile GIS solutions.

“Tensing USA and Safe Software share a common goal of assisting our clients in breaking down the data format barriers that often exist between GIS software packages and spatial databases,” said Arjan Plomp, Tensing USA Managing Director. “There are many opportunities for Tensing and Safe Software to work together to create platform-independent data management solutions for our clients.”

Marcel LeBlanc, Safe Software’s Director of Business Development, said, “At Safe Software, our commitment is to support our technology partners with FME integration tools that enhance their applications by giving them access to spatial data in a multitude of formats. We look forward to working with Tensing and their clients. Applications extended in this way acquire access to a gallery of GIS, CAD, and database formats through the functionality provided by FME.”

Tensing recently introduced its SPY.NET suite of mobile products, the first mobile GIS solution that is 100 percent based on the Microsoft .NET Framework. This platform-independent suite will run on any Windows-driven device that utilizes the .NET Framework 2.0 or .NET Compact Framework 2.0. Tensing developed the SPY .NET suite, built on the core SPY technology already used by thousands of clients around the world, specifically for end users who do not need a full-blown GIS but require fast-performing field tools and hardware independence. The SPY .NET suite consists of Tensing SPY Mobile GIS, Tensing SPY Development Suite, Tensing Live Connect, and Tensing Gateway.

Safe Software’s core technology product, FME, is an integrated collection of Spatial ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) tools for the distribution of location-based data. FME enables data sharing between applications or data stores with different structures. FME also allows spatial data to be manipulated in hundreds of different ways, unlocking the full information potential within a data set. FME consists of four major components: a translation engine (FME Universal Translator), a graphical authoring environment (FME Workbench), a data inspection tool (FME Viewer), and application extenders that directly integrate into a variety of spatial applications.

About Tensing USA
Based in Germantown, Maryland, Tensing USA provides a full suite of mobility products. Tensing SPY Mobile GIS solutions are being used by thousands of field workers in North America, Australia and Europe for a wide range of applications such as utility network maintenance, fault clearing services, pole inventory, vegetation control, GPS geocoding, inspections, locating and turn-offs. The Tensing SPY Mobile GIS has been integrated with Microsoft MapPoint as well as Dispatching solutions, such as MDSI and Field Vision.

Tensing is a mobility software and application developer specializing in worldwide implementations for GIS, Mobile Field GIS, Intra/Internet GIS and Dispatching Systems. Applications such as Routing, Vehicle Tracking & Tracing, Data Acquisition, Network Analysis and Digital Conversions are just some of the examples of applications that Tensing has in operation. The Telecom, Utility, Municipal, Emergency Response and Call Centre industries recognize the value Tensing adds with its wide range of products and consulting skills. 

About Safe Software
Safe Software Inc. is the industry leader in Spatial ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) technologies, providing both spatial data transformation solutions and professional services. Since 1993, Safe Software has focused on helping organizations enhance access to spatial data by providing software solutions that deliver seamless data format translation. For more information, visit www.safe.com.